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2013 Questions on our Purpose Here, How Can We Help

January 4, 2013


Q: I saw a review of 2012 and it was a hideous catelogue of war, disaster and greed. Every year is the same. How can we help?

M: There is a twofold level here. Mother Earth has offered you the opportunity to transform the physicality but have you actually used this opportunity wisely? What is not transformed through the human presence Mother Earth will know in her own time how to transform it. However it is not all up to you, you’re not the final solution to the existence of Mother Earth but merely one aspect.

You Can Speed Up Earth’s Evolution

Mother Earth or nature is subject to her own laws of evolution that you cannot completely understand or participate in and indeed the earth does not necessarily need you for its own evolution. Certainly you are here to assist with Mother Earth’s evolution but if instead you disturb it you will not affect the essence of the planet but you will have missed a chance to collaborate with its evolution. It is not that you are coming into a dark place that has never seen the light but you can assist with speeding up the evolution and indeed your creative input has been helpful but now it has reached a level where it is creating a dissonance with nature.

An Opportunity to Create Paradise

Right now you are draining the resources of the planet although Mother Earth can intrinsically reconfigure herself and create life in new form because energy is never really eliminated. So the format in which you have appeared on the planet and the current format of Mother Earth may not reach the evolutionary level that was hoped for. So you have to look at it that human beings were given an opportunity to create a paradise on the planet a real place of unfoldment, there was a potential but this seems to be receding. For some of you there has been this aspect of touching that place of remembrance of union with all but has that aspect been brought to all the minds of all beings who live here? No.

Truly This is Not the Worst Time

Although you are committed to the Earth’s evolution you are also committed to your own evolution and part of that is happening through your experience on planet Earth. So your experience on this planet is never wasted just because things at present are not looking too hopeful. Truly this is not the worst time; there have been other times when even the word freedom was making a heart tremble because the level of oppression was so complete upon the earth. So you have to consider that there have been advancements although they are not uniform and not on all levels. History cannot be looked at from one single perspective.  If you look at things from one point of view there is progress if you look at it from another point of view limitation and if you look at it from another point of view there is freedom and then from yet another point of view it’s restriction. You need to infuse your mind with the capacity to have a wider vista so that you will understand things completely.

Q: The law of physics states that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It seems to me that whatever “good” we do will be matched by the opposite if this law works at all physical levels?


M: yes at the level of the physicality this is true and also to a great extent at the level of mind. However when there is a leap in consciousness then you go beyond that limitation. Individuals can do this leap of consciousness but what about the rest? Until everybody is moving towards that freedom the collective will not experience that level of consciousness. So what do you do if somebody cannot walk at your place? You go slower.

Although you know that you can speed up you, out of your love, are waiting for your fellow human being.  The evolution of individuals cannot be forced or induced it has to be gradually achieved.

Express the Resilience of Your Light

You see all beings who incarnate have the aspiration to realise that oneness,that unity but because the mind is so potent it obscures that. In order to help people often you have to bypass their minds so that they experience the reflection of your presence your light. Many of you may feel ineffective and that you are unable to provide somebody else with any solace but in fact you will do it by example by expressing the resilience of your light. You have to wait though because you cannot pull people out of their own minds. In fact that is their freedom because they are free to experience their own limitations and constrictions. So although you have been initiated into a new openness a new way of seeing things other people are still free to have their resistance. Although they are good people they are still relying on the structure presented by their mind and if the mind has created a structure that sees only limitations then that’s what they will experience. So they have difficulty in listening to the still quiet voice within that is offering comfort ongoingly.

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