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February 16, 2013


Munjiji: There are many approaches to the difficulty that you are facing and all have their own value. Your physicians have their own approaches which of course are valuable. We in the invisible world have a slightly different approach.

Intention and Aspiration

With this particular condition you have to bring forward your intention and aspiration to at least reduce it, if not all together to eliminate it. Nobody else can do that for you. This is essential. You need to use this part, that is determined to heal this problem, to call forward your intention and aspiration on a regular basis. So this isn’t using a determination to not eat but instead it is using your determination quite some time before the desire to eat arises.

Offer the Bingeing to the Highest

Find time in your day when you are not in a hurry, preferably at the beginning of the day. You then bring forward your intention and your aspiration to say “I am offering this difficulty to my helpers and my guides”. If you do not have that contact then simply offer it to the highest in yourself by whatever name you wish to call it, it really does not matter. In a sense you are offering it to the one that stands behind you that is listening and asking that it reminds you during the day that you are willing to change this pattern and to improve the condition of your health. Ask: “please assist me today in this aspiration to change and improve my situation.”

Make Practice a Daily Routine

You just say it like that and then you leave it without worrying what the day is going to present. Don’t worry, instead establish this practice as a daily routine and you can use whatever words you wish to express your willingness to change. As you are doing this practice also visualise your heart sending light that expands and offering it as high as you can to your higher self. Just sending it upwards. These are just simple thoughts but they are effective.

Do this practice for five minutes every day. Begin by opening your heart chakra. Just imagine that you are you are expanding and widening the heart centre so you are offering this difficulty to your higher self.

Then you allow your day to unfold but the essential part to all of this is simply doing this practice. What you are doing here is looking to something else to help you that is outside of yourself.

Know that what is happening here is that a part of you who wishes to be healthy is opposed by another part of you that is so used to things being the way they are that this part is saying:” there is no way you are going to change me.”

You Are More than this Condition

The way to change this dynamic is by bringing down another element. What you are bringing down is a recognition that you are more than this condition that you are currently stuck with. Few people can win over this this situation simply by willpower so what you have to do is to make a chink in the subtle level of your being. You have too allow some of the heart energy to rise and pierce this dynamic. Once some of energy of your higher self, which is still you but it is the magnificent you, the you that knows the truth of what it needs, you allow it to come closer to yourself and your willpower will then be nourished by a new and different strength. The strength of the heart needs to come into play because willpower will not work on its own.

A Gap of Choice

Now the next part and this is a difficult part but as you are moving towards the food observe that there is a space, a gap where you can choose: will I pick it up or not. It is small but it is there. Now by doing that prayer, that aspiration, the connection to your higher self and allowing light to come in you are building the possibility to see and perceive more clearly the gap.

At present you are in a stalemate with a part of you that doesn’t want to change so you have to build this triangle of power that includes your will and the power of your higher self.

Mind to Body Command is Potent

This gap that we asked you to see this is giving you the insight that you’re not tied hands and feet to the process of bingeing. Actually there is a part of you that has a little bit of freedom although the time span is brief but there is a choice. You need to work on expanding that span of time when the hand is going towards the food but can then just move back. Watch the hand and command it “go back”. You do not watch your mind and your internal conversation, you actually give an order to the part of your body that is acting on your mind. Why do you do it this way? Quite simply the hand can respond to a direct order whereas if it becomes mind to mind then a battle ensues. The physical body has the capacity to learn much more quickly than the lower mind which has a completely different interaction. It is true that you are a thought that builds the structure of the body and the habits that you carry in your body. But there is also a cellular mind and body on which you can act from the healthy part of your mind and that is the saving bit because mind to mind is a power struggle.

What Can I Offer You that is Not Food?

Later on as you become proficient in this practice when you notice the hand going towards the food you can ask: “how can I provide for you differently, how can I assist you?” Notice what answer you get. What we are giving you here is not a secret formula. All of you have in you this quality of love, all of you have a quality of understanding, all of you have a quality of great power so all of those are there, you just need to wake them up.

Even when you find yourself holding the food you can ask your heart what do you need, what can I offer to soften you that is not food?

More and More of Me and Less and Less of Not Me

Try, see if it works. The more the potency of the heart chakra steps in the more the bingeing can be diminished. With practice the gap will expand and a subtle space will come in which will transform the difficulty. It is a step by step process. It will be a matter of trial and error, but don’t give up. Success and failure are irrelevant just create the gap where you can breathe and you can be yourself and feel I need less and less of this, and more and more of what is me and less and less of what is not me.

Triangle of Power

Triangle of Power

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