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Keys to The Divine

March 5, 2013


Question: When I was young I was in a choir and it gave me my first glimpse of  divinity but not in a religious sense, it just opened my heart. Now many years later I am looking for that again and it is happening with all kinds of music. How can I deepen this?

Munjiji: your helpers and guides are telling us this is your special key, the musical key. Each one of you has your own special key to the divine or maybe several keys. These keys enable the heart to access the soul level and although each one of you has these keys many of you find it very difficult to locate them. They are situated in the heart. You know these keys exist which is why you continue to search for them until they are found.

In the case of singing this also connects you with the breath and the breath gives you access to something that is specifically yours. This connection with the breath will mean something different to each one of you and of course there are specific techniques to do with the breath. The state that you access opens the door to joy love and union.

Heaven on Earth

With the simplicity of singing, with that spontaneous opening of breath and heart the key becomes immediately visible and naturally your soul holds an open door to an experience of the divine. You can transcend the present time into timeless. This is something that should not be pursued rigourously but instead allow it to unfold naturally which is what you’re doing with your singing. Again you will experience that oneness with the whole of life and by simply doing it in this apparently nonstructured way it is brought into daily life. So when you are in your level of expansion with the divine to the next moment in your so-called ordinariness of action with life then that blending truly takes place. People who have been working on spiritual development for lifetimes can now bring it into the everyday life and it is no longer a question of having to go somewhere to be spiritual. In fact it happens when you are singing and you are simply tuning in. So allow that tuning in without looking for it and in doing that the mundane is infused more and more until there is no separation and this becomes heaven on earth.

The Mind has Become Very Skillful at Betraying Its True Purpose

All of you are here to bring heaven on earth. You have all been working on this for countless lifetimes but sometimes in this life you are working so hard on it that it actually feels as if you have lost it. In fact it is reappearing according to your unique key. You are all bringers of truth and the highest truth you can bring is your realisation. At present you will have glimpses of this realisation but don’t try to grab it because this will set up a pattern which will actually obstruct it, be patient and allow it to establish itself. Just hold onto the key and allow it to permeate you and gradually you will imprint everything and everybody around you with light. So that is a very natural way. Just ask to have the courage to hold it when it comes. But beware of the mind because nowadays the mind has become very skillful at betraying its true purpose. So that’s why you allow this process to arise naturally and spontaneously. But know that you are fullness and there is nothing missing in you and nothing to be achieved

Does anyone have any questions?

Question: I am reading about George Harrison of The Beatles, a book* that focuses on his spiritual life as well as his music. He tried to awaken people’s spiritual side through his music but clearly he was in a struggle with own his demons. I am fascinated by his life and it is drawing me closer to the divine but maybe vicariously. But for me this seems like one of those keys you mentioned.

Munjiji: Correct and it is so beautiful because this particular key that you are using is assisting you in not looking for perfection which could be another trick of the mind: “I have to be this perfect being, this fully realised being with no disturbances or upsets”. So this key helps as you see George Harrison had his demons, he had his struggles but when you function from the fullness you do know that you will be coming back to it. It is because there is that knowing and he knew that he had touched something and again and again it’s been touched and you can touch it. It’s not actually vicariously because you touch it because you believe he touched it. It is as if he is reminding you of your fullness and he is reminding you of your fullness through the fact that the fullness is untouched by the demons.

Of course on their own level the demons need to be addressed. But the two operate on almost two different wavelengths so you do not need to look for perfection but you need to ascertain those demons and know where they are.

Q: so what I need to do is remove those demons those negative aspects from my mind to allow the light of divinity to shine through?

Munjiji: not exactly because on the physical level you have this law that to every action is an equal and opposite reaction which is known as Newtons Third Law of Motion. So everything creates a ripple. Now when you are speaking about mind you are speaking about something that is subtle but also rather coarse. This talk of demons is a rather generic word so we need to be more specific. So the general outlook would be that you have spotted a particular negative tendency and you just look at it, look at it, look at it rather than you removing it which will create ripples. Now this approach is a state of mind so there is not so much doing in that true action. So at that point in that state of mind the so-called demon recedes without ripple and this is the important point. The consciousness, the piercing, the seeing and the including in your own way, the true seeing interacts immediately and illumines the demon and the demon finds this quite uncomfortable and so recedes. If on the other hand you push you create a ripple and from that motion a three times stronger motion will come in and it will come from a side that you’re not expecting.

So you have to be very skillful and throw light on it but not to act but instead ask to be guided and inspired to work with this but do not take the demons head on.

Q: so is it that with my aspiration and focus on the divine that one day I simply see, say my anger in a new light? I have a different perspective and the anger is no longer important in my life and as I don’t give it any attention it simply withers?

Munjiji: Yes exactly, to the landscape of your being it is not so relevant. Over time it becomes less and less relevant until it is irrelevant. Nowadays this is the way to operate in order not to provoke a mind set that will entangle much more than you can imagine. You don’t need to engage in heroic battles with your demons these days. A less complex approach is needed because of the very fact that minds today are very complex. As you are focusing more on your wholeness and who you truly are then a lot of things become rather irrelevant and then you can illuminate the present state of being for yourself and others with that light and love that you have received from that union of understanding.

here-comes-the-sun-book* Here Comes The Sun by Joshua M. Greene

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