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Relationship and Emotions

March 22, 2013
Sharing different tastes

Can You Share Different Tastes?

You are on a planet that moves towards harmony through the karmic imprint of disharmony. This may sound a little strange but you are working with polarities and this creates a battlefield more often than not. Through friction and contrast is the possibility to grow and expand. Sometimes you have to stay in the conflict in order for the solution to arise. Simply trying to smooth things over will not produce anything substantial. The journey to harmony via conflict is a specific journey to humans and sometimes conflict is the only way for growth to happen. You have to look upon it as the potential for fresh development. Conflict can be used as a stepping stone and is not always a mistake. Feelings are wounded in conflict but actually that allows more heart to come in. Opening the heart is good because a closed heart makes life very tight, very dry and does not respond to the knocking your soul is making on the door of your heart.

Karmic Imbalance

Often when people are drawn into relationships it is because of karma from a past life. These are the real soul mates and depending on the karma can present quite a challenge. Although you may have been together in past lives there were other lives when you were apart. Your intellects in this life may have developed to a point where you don’t recognise each other.

In a relationship there may be a karmic imbalance from a past life, so in this life the purpose is to once again balance the karma. This will continue over lifetimes until it is achieved. It may not be possible to achieve the required balance all in one lifetime but what is achieved is never lost.

Picking and Choosing Partner’s Emotions

What you may not realise is that the way you relate to one another and how you see into one another is through the emotional body. When you are sharing the same environment and living together it is very difficult to pick and choose which emotions of your partner you can accept. You can only do this by using the higher mind but this is very difficult because the link is emotional.

Your emotional body moves very quickly to link and the only way to undo it is through pain; disentangling from somebody else’s emotional body is a very painful thing. Some people though manage to do this through illness and others do it through bringing the element of fire by disagreements and fights and so by doing that they are going internally emotionally and it cuts the energy.

It is Going to Burn You

Nowadays if you are not aligned with your truth in a relationship it is going to burn you. We are sorry to say that but it is the truth. There is no longer the time in your lives to do anything else than to shine your light clearly. It is going to be painful for some although it doesn’t have to be; but the way the emotional body works is through some kind of pain. If you do not wish to inflict emotional pain on somebody else because you would rather inflict it on yourself that’s not a good idea either. If you do that then the emotional link trebles, it’s almost better to be having an argument because at least that way you are taking a stance, you are in your own energetic field.

Sharing the Communal Auric Field

Your emotional body gets so linked with that of your partner that sometimes you cannot see who you really are. Your partner is a being just like you who is also struggling and looking for evolution and love. Your partner will have their own individual karmic circumstances which of course will not be yours.

You have to make a decision as to whether you wish to be with this person and share their communal auric field and make such a decision in full compassion but with full understanding but if your emotional body rules you intensely it is difficult to function from this higher mind perspective. If you can function from the higher mind this will help you to disentangle but when we say higher mind we are talking about a mind which has a luminosity that understands the step you need to take and the other person needs to take. Now if you are simply detached then in fact you are still a little bit involved and not quite in truth because what you have done is to create an emotional shield. This shield will be saying that none of what’s going on really touches me and you are feeling a little bit dead in your feelings or maybe that you do not belong here so although you have signals from the mind that something is askew this is still not really functioning from higher mind. So this is still a trick of the emotional body which says I cannot cope with these feelings so instead I will go into my mind because I feel more comfortable there. So in fact you’ve gone into your lower mind rather than your higher mind because you’re feeling that you are above it all. But in fact you’re not above it all because you are still in pain which is a signal that you have not relinquished that emotional link.

Relationships are very important these days because they really show you where you are and what you are about and the last thing you want to do is a disservice to yourself and being that which you really are.

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  1. Jaya permalink

    Sending rays of love and light in the spirit of oneness, (to Richard and his beautiful Wife, Jaya form Yogaville).

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