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May 8, 2013


Q: Could you explain how relevant the predictions of Nostradamus  are in life today?

M:The being being called  Nostradamus spoke in a cryptic way, because of threats to his security from the Inquisition. He was also cryptic because there were many people who could not intelligently understand what he was saying.

From your modern perspective to properly understand what he was saying requires a certain transmutation of mind in order to pierce the veil that Nostradamus created. Many people have offered translations of his work but it does require a being who can really attune to Nostradamus.

This is an important question because it is dealing with a period of long ago that was projecting information into the future, but it was interpreted and read by the mind of the time. Now when you are looking at predictions and future potential you do not have only one factor at play. There is the continuous growing consciousness of the human family and those ones helping the human family to evolve.

Now this evolution is not predictable because there are times of involution and times of evolution. So it is not possible for one person to predict exactly the future which is why the readings have to be cryptic and actually a lot more fluid. So it cannot be looked at as black and white because it has to be read in the language of possibility and potential.

What has happened is that with the capacity that you have of great understanding of what constitutes physical life, that some of the ability to relate to the symbolical world has been lost and also misunderstood. So this means that you end up with a black and white picture that says things are going to be a certain way.

But there are always potential variations and the ancients always knew that. It is only the more recent understanding that actually flattens the depths of what the seer brings. Seers communicate via other seers. Unless you are a seer yourself and enter the seership you will not understand the fullness of the transmission that is given.

Because people decode and interpret they have to use the mind, but of course they are using the mind of today not the mind of then. The mind of then although it knew something of the evolution it did not know the full evolution of present times.

In your time there are a few people with the gift of seership although it is less and less, but their seership is actually more valid because they have a spark of profound understanding. Whereas those ones who are trying to decode ancient manuscripts have a twofold job: one is to bring those manuscripts into today’s understanding and two, the person has to go into the ancient vision. Unfortunately the understanding has become somewhat ‘flat’. So rest assured that some of those definite prophecies are not really accurate, but nevertheless this is a call to attention for the caring of the planet.

You need to pay attention to the fact that these are particular times of very great influx, although having said that, there have always been particular times and sometimes extreme times but these are cyclical. So you as human family are on a cycle and you have the potential to pull together more potential of understanding, light and for transformation.

However let’s assume for a moment that some of the elements of these prophecies are correct. So if you are reading something that presents a terrifying prediction of possibilities do remember that the reaction of all your minds produces an effect. If it puts you in a place of fear then with the fear potentially all sorts of evil can come in, and that is simply brought by the fearfulness. Instead you have to cultivate steadiness of presence so that you become like the still centre in the eye of the storm.

This is what we recommend to you if you are concerned about some aspects of planetary evolution that means that the planet does not wish to continue its experiment with the human family. But if this happens it only means the planet does not wish to continue the experiment with the physical form, but you are quite a lot more than that. You are souls, infinite, eternal beings.

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