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Irritation and Links to Fibromyalgia

June 16, 2013
Irritation being Expressed

Irritation being Expressed

Q:I have a lot of aches and pains in my body and I would like your help in resolving this please. Sometimes people who have these symptoms call it Fibromyalgia.

Munjiji: Fibromyalgia is a term for a collection of symptoms that move around the body. From our position we see this as a malfunction at the energetic level and this can be from various causes. With regard to you dear questioner many factors could be causing this but one that we would like to focus on is irritation in your life because this can cause inflamation in different parts of the body. Tracking this irritability can become quite elusive because if you are so used to it you don’t really see it anymore but it does link to a state of mind where irritability has not been expressed. The principle is that when the irritant energy is trying to move through your subtle body and finds that the route is restricted then it travels elsewhere internally causing symptoms.

There is nothing wrong with expressing irritability particularly if the situation is appropriate. Sometimes you need to display your irritation rather than containing it because containing it then becomes an irritation to the nerves and muscles and it can go to the glands. How you deal with an irritant in your life is quite crucial to the overall process of healing. The irritant actually contains energy and this energy can move you to do something to deal with the irritation it’s not necessarily just displaying the emotion of irritation; it can be quite a positive thing to start a change in circumstances. It is sometimes said that anger is God’s fire for change.

You need to notice this subtle level of irritant in your system but not as a judgement that it shouldn’t be there. It is also a good measurement of the element of fire that is within you that needs an outlet. As you become more aware of the irritation you can begin to express it. You can express it to a mirror or cushion or maybe even to the person in question. You also mentioned frustration and again it’s the same principal the energy gets turned towards the muscles, skeletal and nervous system. All the elements are there: fire, air, earth and water and this is a question of mastering them and in this case it is the element of fire, otherwise illness comes. Own your fire and you will see some of the symptoms receding. You need to catch this in the moment though because fire is very quickly hidden and festers in the body.

Q: Yes but what do I do when friends ask for favours, like coming for an extended visit, but I need boundaries, at the same time I want to help.

This is a very good example because the irritation with your friend  precisely in that moment it showed you when your boundary had been crossed. This is not criticising your friend but different people have different boundaries which they have a right to. If you didn’t have that fire in you telling you when you’ve reached your limit then disaster will strike. This can happen in any situation and then you need to honour that irritation rather than saying I should be a different person. This way you find the boundaries within generosity. Everyones’ generosity is limited when they do not have a sense of their boundaries. If you have a sense of what you can and cannot give then you can be generous whereas people who are not generous are like this because often they are afraid that they will be taken over.

People who are generous are not fools they are able to exercise that spirit of generosity without losing contact with their true self. People who are naturally generous tend not to turn into a victim. They know their limitations and they do not let other people define their boundaries for them. They are able to use the fire element in them to set boundaries.

Now when you give too much eventually the polar opposite will take place in different circumstances with different people and when you could have given more you will then actually give less. To begin with you have to practice giving and restricting and eventually this turns into a natural energetic flow of give and take which you find harmonious. Be daring and experiment with generosity alongside your boundaries.

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