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June 27, 2013

Q: My mother is suffering from dementia and does not recognise me. Yet I had a strange experience where via a medium I received a communication from my mother who of course is still alive. What’s happening?

M: Just because her mind is not operating in the way that you are used to when you are talking to your mother it is nevertheless telepathically active. She can still communicate with you from her present life mind. However this is not the mind that is encased in the physical form but it is the mind that is free to be in the physical form and also exist at a level that is wider than that. You do need to remember that when you leave this body you do still have this mind although it might be a little veiled to you.

Therefore because the mind exists beyond the physical body it is able to communicate with you in this subtle way but of course you can no longer communicate with it by normal means because of the physical limitation.

This means that you can also communicate with your mother via telepathy and the reason for this working is that you are in essence talking soul to soul. Never give up with somebody who is unable to communicate with you in a physical way because communication is always possible at the subtle level.

People with dementia are stepping into a new personality so to speak because they are withdrawing. However because the physical form is still here it does take a while to disengage. At the same time because they are still here it means they still have something to do by way of completing with the family and other people around them. As long as the physical form continues there is still light within that person. It would be incorrect to say that they have totally gone to spirit as part of the soul is still here although they are definitely transiting.

So the part that communicated with you is the part that is still here not the part that is already passing to spirit.

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