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A Course in Miracles

June 27, 2013


Q: For the last year I have been using a book called A Course In Miracles which involves a daily mediation on different themes and found it very inspirational. What is the source of this book, and was it channelled?

M: One moment please. A Course in Miracles is the work of a Master and when we speak of a Master we mean a congruent work, brought down by the powerhouse of one specific Master, who has gathered countless helpers around in order to bring it down. It is brought down by mind transference and input although it is condensed by different minds which assist in the inputting. The recipient is called a medium who then has the instruction of writing. It will then be transferred to countless people, it is a very specific work, which did not belong to the belief of the medium. However it was time for it to be brought down. It works in this way, that when the need is there with many, many beings moving in the dark all asking the same things, then there is a response.

What is it that they are asking? They are asking for guidance and they are asking for help. They come from the tradition that is linked to the great Master Jesus. They are asking in their heart because perhaps they do not believe anymore in the outer form that has become the religion. That call even if it’s done by those countless little lights becomes one sound. That answer can only come if the need is expressed. It does not have to be expressed with words, but it is strong in the sense of despair that calls:

“God You are there, but You disappoint me because You never are involved with me”

Something like that let’s say, very, very superficially. When the teachers see that there are a vast number of calls then somebody will gather ‘books’ or teachings. There are ‘books’ of revelation from the great teachers but they all were transferred from higher Divine impulse. Nowadays prophets are there, but they do not come forward and speak to the crowds, because its not so well understood, so other means are used that are appropriate for this time. The teaching is gathered in different ways and is brought down slightly differently but it’s still brought down to a level that the human being can accept and groups can gather together, without the need for to form a new religion.

Groups will gather for  A Course In Miracles and help countless people but it does not require this more hierarchical structure. So the Masters are very interested to assist without creating too many hierarchical structures because this has been experienced in past and has been rather detrimental.

Of course there is a hierarchy because the Master is above and there always gradients of evolutionary beings, it is the norm obviously. But the way that they are teaching has to be more informal shall we say; less with a specific gradient that the teaching can only be given to those people and not to those other people, that excludes this and that, it has to be inclusive.

To spread the teaching more use has been made of those humble mediums that feel they don’t know what they are doing, they are stumbling here and there but at least they are making themselves available. Maybe what they bring down is not a complete perfect imprint, but it’s good enough and does what it has to do. So, in the case of A Course in Miracles it’s from a very high source, we have explained how it was given. It is very relevant indeed because it was called upon by countless beings to receive a book that could assist them thoroughly in their Christian belief without disturbing, neither adding, nor eliminating things but opening, opening more what was already there do you understand? Would that suffice to you?

Q: Yes, that’s a wonderful answer than you very much.

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