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March 31, 2014


Spring at Kew Gardens

Spring at Kew Gardens


This is a good time to begin to reunite aspects of your being you have lost touch with and that have become fragmented. It is time to invite these aspects of yourself forward and this takes courage. Have the courage to be more of who you truly are and be less of what you’re used to being. The new elements will create a balance that brings a renewal.

So begin to notice what you do not welcome in yourself. As you invite back these aspects this will have an effect on all those around you and will allow them to recognise aspects of themselves that they have neglected.

This is the beauty & mystery of being united souls sharing one planetary existence. You do not truly live in isolation. So as you work to evolve you leave behind a trail of existence for others to follow. For example perhaps you are quite shy, well begin to invite the daring aspect. Perhaps you are quite boisterous so begin to invite a silent aspect of yourself. Perhaps you are used to socialising, so instead invite master solitude to keep you company. Just choose one or two new aspects at a time and see what happens.

It is the joy of the soul to engage with aspects of the personality that are often dismissed by the personality itself, because the personality has a limited vista of the truthfulness of who you really are.

By adjusting all the various ‘ingredients’ of yourself you will be able to expand. Expansion is the beginning of reunion and in that reunion you begin to feel more of yourself.

You are allowing a breath of fresh air in your being so that you are taking a new step forward This is the meaning of the new season, springtime, that is appearing on this part of planet Earth.

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