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Holy Days of Easter and Passover

April 20, 2014
London Munjiji Group preparing Good Friday feast.

London Munjiji Group preparing Good Friday feast.

This is the beginning of the spring season. These are also holy days in various traditions and this implies the time of celebration. For some of you this word celebration seems too rich. Yet the spirit of rejoicing is calling you. You seem to be shy to appreciate that you are being sought after.

However the power of your thoughts has wings, and in this power is a seed, which is the potential to call close to you the great teachers, who invite you to touch that point in yourself called presence. As you touch that presence then the celebration begins, not before.

The great teachers are not far from you, but the possibility to recognise the encounter is up to you. They are only a thought away. You need to raise yourself to this highest aspiration and this highest aspiration is to aspire to know who you truly are. This will lead to a reunion with your soul.

So these are days to pause and recognise your true face. It is a time to embrace the highest in yourself which leads to embracing the whole human family and also the animal kingdom plus all the other aspects of this physical existence called mother nature that so generously supports your life. Out of this rejoicing is a sharing of thoughts, love and understanding. To express your joy you can share food with one another. Together you renew your commitment to experience the highest in yourself whilst on planet earth.

For us in the invisible world during these holy days we see a gathering of souls and a deepening of your own unique journey.

London Munjiji Group on Good Friday rejoicing

Munjiji Group sharing, rejoicing & holding you all in our hearts!


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