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Earth’s Future

June 3, 2014
San Francisco Earthquake 1906

San Francisco Earthquake 1906


Q: I am concerned by recent natural disasters, extreme weather and also by developments in farming methods. What’s going to be our future?

We are here to assist you to evolve and to use your resources to collaborate with Mother Earth.

When you ask about what is going to happen in the future we have to say there are a number of different futures and which one actually occurs is up to you, the human family.

From Earth’s perspective human beings are a recent occurrence. At present you exist in tremendous imbalance. Therefore you need to reflect both individually and collectively how to address this imbalance.

About 300 to 400 years ago you had the opportunity to bring new balance through fresh insight. Instead the industrial revolution was born with emphasis placed on science which saw existence in a mechanical way.

You are now living out the results of this missed opportunity. Pollution of the Earth and pollution of your food are now affecting your physical evolution.

At present it is like a seesaw, because there are those ones who have the correct understanding of how to redress the situation. However they are opposed by others, who shall we say are rather asleep. They dissociate progress with its effects on the earth. Instead they see the little human being as the centre of existence and nothing else counts.

The strengthening of the minds that are working for the nourishment of the Earth is vital for the beings that inhabit this planet. So you all have to play your part to assist in the well-being of the planet.

We have mentioned before that the human being is not just the human form. The human form is an experiment and we do not mean this in any demeaning way. It is an attempt to expand into evolutionary being via the substance called the human body which carries precious substances for evolution. This has been called ‘the divination of matter’ in some traditions. But if this is not pursued in the right way then the experiment won’t succeed. Of course this will not affect the soul because it operates at a different level.


To go back to your question, using certain chemicals in agriculture will affect the physical and mental body. You already see this with all sorts of illnesses and food sensitivities that have arisen in more recent times.

As a human family you have made certain decisions which have karmic implications and these cannot be changed in a second. But as a soul being you have the capacity together with others to be resourceful. So you have to act both as an individual to play your part as well as joining together with others. You have to become collaborators with Mother Earth rather than being this centric being that just wants to make use of everything as if you are entitled to it.

Many people are inebriated by the substance of existence and they do not see the trail they leave. The substance of existence is of such great beauty that if you have not reached a certain evolutionary level you become intoxicated by it. There are many people who through their experience in past lives are now less drunk. So we ask you: “wake up, wake up, wake up!

UK Storms 2014

UK Storms 2014


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