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October 16, 2014

IMG_1184     Q: I am concerned about a possible epidemic of a deadly virus. What can we do about his? What is the lesson for us?

As we have said before you are not a ‘finished product’ because you are still evolving as a human being. You go through processes of transformation which sometimes happen through apparent breakdowns in your existence such as earthquakes, famine & disease.

We are not saying that illness and calamities are meant to be part of your life existence. However the current state of your mind constellates and invites challenges that from your perspective are not easily overcome. We have said before you are living in a very special time where an evolutionary leap can be taken. The leap is of a spiritual nature which is pushed forward by mental, emotional and physical challenges.

Viruses and bacteria have always been part of your evolution, they are ancient companions. They have both collaborated for the evolution of life and also appear to be its enemy; this happens when you have opposed inner forces in yourself and created outward solutions that are becoming destructive to your own self.

Ebola and other viruses are the response to a profound imbalance in evolutionary positioning. You only have to look around to see the results of how you have used your mind to cause so much damage to nature. Because so much damage has been created by your mind and intelligence that brings responses. Viruses, bacteria and other micro organisms are potential for collaboration or destruction. The concrete mind does not take into account the wellbeing of large groupings of the human population.

We understand there is an outbreak of Ebola in a specific nation that has no means to counteract it. This outbreak could have taken place in a nation that was more capable in terms of medical resources. So this is not by chance that this outbreak has occurred in a country where those resources are not available.

It is not just a matter of hygiene and resources. It is a matter, shall we say, of internal hygiene. It is a way of showing to you who have the capability and methods to counteract these illnesses that in order for you to evolve, even at a personal level, you have to include other nations, other people. You have to alleviate other people’s suffering, so it becomes one world, where everyone is a protector of each other’s health and wellbeing.

This is shown to you when an epidemic arises in a weaker country and you are needed then to compensate for this need. This is always the response of the universal force where you need to balance and come together to bring inner and outer resources to evolve. You always have to begin with the balancing of the countries that are in great need with those countries that have an abundance of resources. This is also an inner dimension.

You may have neglected aspects of your nature and privileged other aspects of your nature. So this is then evidenced on the outer level by the not privileged nations and the privileged nations. There are many levels of imbalances. So something that seems to threaten you came from a country where things are weaker regarding health, but in reality it is linked to all countries, it is directly linked to the whole human family. It is directly linked to the responsibility each individual takes for their at oneness with life, for not continuing this ongoing separation.

The reason something like this happens and comes to the world at large is because you are dealing with imbalances that are so noticeable that great outbreaks of diseases takesIMG_0862 place. It encourages you to develop a sense of collaboration between countries, a moving towards that sense of compassionate living which you are as yet unskilled as a human being. You use it occasionally, but it is not all pervasive in everybody’s heart.

You are also learning to extend a hand to those ones who are suffering and who are unable to sustain that level of suffering. That inclusion in your mind of that level of suffering, even if you are not directly touched by it at the physical level, but you are touched by the event and the potential that it might reach you!

It begins to make you feel more fragile, more vulnerable, but also ready to collaborate, to be ready to consider a level of life that you are required to deepen. Great illnesses, like this, have always brought a point of revision, recollecting of forces and resources. Viruses like Ebola are inviting you to expand more of what is required to evolve in the essential element of your being. In the end life and death are this essential point in your life.

An outbreak like this makes you aware you have to simplify some of your life. You have filled your life with so many considerations many of which are unnecessary for your fulfilment as a human being. You are depleted because you have added things that are not necessary and you are missing the point of what it is to come together as a human family. In different epochs there have been outbreaks of plague which decimated entire populations. These are actually signs of imbalance and potential renewal.There is no plan to eliminate the human being as such, but to realign, reinforce, and push the boundaries of understanding of how medicine can be applied for the benefit of all.

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