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Depression in the Autumn

October 22, 2014


Questioner:  my friend gets depressed, and it appears to be the same time each year. It’s a general question, does this time of year affect people’s minds?  How can someone prepare themselves?

M: We understand this is a generic question because of the person not asking permission. If you look at the season, it is the fall and then winter which is the bareness of life. Human beings are becoming a little bit more bare to themselves. This nakedness is linked to rest and future renewal which becomes spring.

Dipping Down to Feel Less

Nowadays you are following less and less the rhythm of nature. You have to be active and working, so the strains that are placed on the mind are intense indeed. People of a sensitive nature, or those that feel wounded, loss, suffering, it’s like the falling of a leaf from the tree of their existence. It…

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