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Depression – A Way Out.

November 5, 2014

A New Day

Depression is part & parcel of life’s journey, like the changing weather. There are causes & conditions that led to this, but not your fault.

It can feel like you are in a sort of vacuum. It creates a lot of anguish. But you live on planet earth & it is a place of contrasts. Yin & yang, light & dark. You don’t need to judge the darkness, but if you can begin to observe it, as opposed to being right in it, this will be a way forward.

When you are resting allow yourself to rise to a place where you have a birds eye view of this darkness & observe it. Just observe it from this slightly different point. You are not trying to make it better, you are not changing it, you are just observing.

As you begin to observe, then what happens is a part of you is now separate from that depression, because you are observing. You can then embrace that state and whilst it is held then spirit help can come, your guardians & helpers can assist. Your higher self is engaged from that positioning and can begin to work on softening the depression.

As you are now an observer of this situation you have already rescued a part of your personality that has fallen into this dip of depression. Organically there is a shift & eventually you find yourself in a better position.

Now sometimes you need help. It depends on the depth of the depression. Healing, medicine, talking with friends, nothing should be excluded. Your main work is that a bit of you can look at the depression and hold a perspective without thought or judgement, just waiting expectantly because there will be change, something will change.

Behind the depression is a sense of emptiness and this is a signal from soul to search deeper. Turn off your TV, your radio, your computer and go deeper. Maybe read a book that inspires you. Dream & write your dreams. Listen to what feels comforting. Hold the sense of your heart. Bring a flame into your heart and put it there in that depression.

Its time to listen, listen to old emotion, listen and rescue parts of you that have fallen. Maybe there is a little child there that has been hurt or not been heard. The child needs that space, thats why we say turn all the outer noise off. That will build the energy to help you. As you become more aware of your inner landscape you can bring it into the light where it will be healed.

We know this is a very difficult condition to break free from but just by taking the smallest step yourself you will be one small step towards peace.

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