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New Year 2015

January 2, 2015
Candles lit at the session representing each person's aspirations

Candles lit at the session representing each person’s aspirations

We do understand it is a special night for you all as you experience the transition from one year to another. This brings new aspirations & intentions from your side. We can see the spark of aspiration in your subtle mind. We can also see little clouds that are passing by which are the things holding you back. These obstacles are often difficult to get rid of & yet if you could see them from our side they are in fact quite transient. If you can also take this view, then you can invite them to leave. This act of invitation will begin the process of dissolving these obstacles. It’s as if you are blowing with your breath on to those clouds.

Although tonight you all have different aspirations the fact that you are together is strengthening your individual aspiration. You are working towards perfecting your aspirations in a very dynamic world. You are challenged by your karma & seeming coincidences. However your time here on earth gives you the chance to experiment with your life. Sometimes you may put together ideas & actions that are not harmonious. Remember you are in a universe that is constantly evolving & also your own inner universe has the natural tendency to evolve. But it’s in your hands & sometimes you may want to paralyse aspects of evolution. Ultimately even the most stubborn situation or entrenched position can be moulded to make you subtler & bring further understanding of yourself & others.

The moment you find yourself in balance then your highest wisdom flows. Then you can be of greater assistance to yourself & others. When the highest wisdom gathers in you there is a potency that affects the world around you. Even if you don’t leave your room you are still affecting the circumstances & environment around you. You are beautiful souls that are continuously refining the texture of your being. Even if you make mistakes you are still enriching the texture of existence, because perhaps through your mistake somebody will learn not to do the same mistake. In this new year to come it is so relevant that you understand how you influence one another. As you influence one another in this dance of life remember none of you is more or less important in the eye of the ‘light of existence.’

In the ‘light of existence’ you are absolutely equal & it is matter to become more reflective & understand your self. It is your enthusiasm that creates sparks & tonight you might hear bangs that create sparks & this is created by the aspirations of people to be full of joy & to be luminous. Recently there have been years of fire and a year of fire & water & although those elements are still warring & creating a renewal for mother earth there are still imbalances.

Remember the orientation for the human family is integration & you are an aerial for the element that is called sky, the air element. You are asked to be positioned like a very precise antenna to be a precise receiver & transmitter of energy wherever you are, and this is not only for the this new year but for the years to come.

In this year to come it is a good idea to value all the richness that you have become because the flow of this next year will be a seesaw. A seesaw of events that are sometimes startling, sometimes extremely painful & at other times very uplifting. You have to learn to navigate & be still in the seesaw of life events. Some of these will be world events. We are encouraging you to hold your ground, not because you have to fear but because you know your greatness, you know more & more who you truly are. These are times of subtleties.

On the one hand things appear to be becoming coarser & heavier but on the other hand subtler & subtler inputs of existence are pouring in. Somebody needs to receive these inputs so that is why you are gathered here to receive more & more of this. Our little group here tonight is one small cell in the countless cells of the human family & the invisible world that are coming together to reunite all the energies, & to re-establish that sense of renewal, that is so powerful in your minds at this particular time of year.

Remember you do not have to mesmerised by a general collective feeling of fear, tension & uncertainty. Through your not knowing you discover your knowing. Through your own uncertainty you find your certainty, through your confusion you find your clarity. The important thing is that you call for that, you make your subtle level of being present to your life. As you do that maybe ten minutes a day & eventually increasing to an hour a day then your invisible being becomes more paramount  in your day & your vista becomes clearer as to what is truly taking place on the planet & then your inner & outer being react accordingly. You can see more clearly the rhythm of expansion & withdrawal. You know what is truly calling you & what is not truly calling you.

So this is the invite for you to be this beautiful transmitter of light & energy & to dissipate clouds that begin to rise in you which means you are already dissipating clouds in others by being an example.

We want to thank you for all your dedication to your spiritual evolution not only in this life time but in earlier lives. We know how difficult life is on earth. You can always ask for help from the invisible world. If you find you cannot do this then you have your own light & that is paramount to all because light attracts & calls other lights.

Your own light is a beauty to behold & we are not saying these words just because it is a pleasant evening, it is the truth. We wish you peace & joy not just for now but for all the days to come. Good night dear friends, Good night.


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Love & Light to You All from   London Munjiji Group

Love & Light to You All from London Munjiji Group

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