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The Texture of Existence is Love

January 6, 2015






Q: I’ve had disappointments in my life, but now I am on a spiritual path and want to let go of my old life with love. How can I do this?

The way of love can be seen with the image of the rose, a beautiful flower that also has a thorn.  Pain like the thorn needs to be acknowledged before you can step into love.

There are many levels and ways of expression of love.

We have said before that the texture of existence is love. This is not something you add because this force is naturally flowing through you. You are never without it.  All of you are weavers of love. Having said that it is one of the most difficult things to sustain in a natural way but easy to do it artificially.

Love is not something that arises through any concept, emotion or sentimentality. You may look at a baby or a young animal and feel love. You may have the experience of falling in love. These are flashes of fire of passion. Passion is a gradient of love. Passion is something that rises but it also goes. When we speak of the word love it is an ongoing throbbing of the pattern of existence. This has not yet been mastered by the human family, if it had you would live a completely different existence.

Love Begins with Acknowledging Pain

The journey of love often begins with acknowledging your pain. This means you are beginning to show inclusion and beginning to give what you call love to those moments of existence where you were misunderstood, unloved, and people were not treating you correctly.

As we said, love begins with pain and in order to sharpen your vision you need the lens of truth. There is nothing like sharpening your vision towards pain otherwise you are glossing over and using concepts.

You don’t have to do anything about it other than acknowledging all the places in life where things went wrong. Then in order to walk the path of love you have to ask yourself : ‘do I still hold resentment about what happened’? Do I feel my blood boiling at the memory of that?

Or another version ; are you saying it doesn’t matter when in fact it does and you are simply lying to yourself. There is a simmering wave underneath that you are not acknowledging, and you are not noticing the potency of that energy.

Actually you need the potency of that energy to meet the energy of love. When the energy of love meets your physical form it can be almost crushing. People experience this with kundalini experiences when the energy rises up from the base chakra.

Love Begins with the Thorn not the Rose

So you need to look at all the resentments you are holding, because to enter the path of love, you need to first of all include all those parts of you that need love. Those parts that feel hard done by, be it by life or people. Until you can start loving those parts of yourself you cannot enter the path of love.That’s why it begins with the thorn, not the rose.

So although you may want to say you love everyone you need to examine all the profound dislikes, intolerances, judgements, and so on that you have towards other people. You can experience these energies in the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. When you do that you begin to know yourself a little bit more and have compassion for yourself. When you see what you do not like in yourself the mirror of existence begins to get a little bit clearer.

The Light of Your Soul

When the mirror of existence begins to get clearer you get glimpses of sparks of the light of your soul. It begins with acknowledging what you don’t like in yourself but do it without judgement instead look at it as information you are getting that will help you move forward. As you do this a sense of relief may come because you are no different to anybody else. Everybody else is struggling with polishing that lens of existence.

Coming back to that word passion, because you operate in passion you often have a passion for the profound dislike for the way life is treating you. But as you continue to polish the lens through which you look at life you realise that some things you thought were important in fact are not. Of course you need shelter and food, but there are many things you think you need that you don’t.

Common Sense and More Common Sense

One thing you need is common sense in your life and more common sense. You need to be grounded. However the letting go of things and people comes through acknowledging that you made mistakes in your choices but you can try other ways. Don’t judge yourself, it’s a waste of precious energy and gets you nowhere when in fact you could be moving on.

But letting go can be a tricky process because you can easily view it as ‘I failed’ – another judgement. It’s letting go with wisdom, recognising that some people, places, activities do not resonate with you. They may be fine for other people but this is where you need discrimination.

By doing this does not mean you are not loving you are being wise and keeping yourself in the flow of that energy of love that is flowing through you. It is life showing you the way.

Life Wants More for You

Look at it as life is loving you more than what you are living at present and so wants more for you. The wider existence wants more for me!

When you do this you are walking on a very precise trajectory that leads you to meet love. For some of you love has met you already and is dismantling the whole of your world for purposes of love. But this love is not personal love. Personal love can meet you along the way and is a lovely accompaniment and also there is soul work but we can talk about that another time.

But the love we have been speaking about comes from essence, the absolute and is completely impersonal yet wants you all for itself. Rest assured all  is well, love is pulling you to itself in its own unique way.

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