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January 17, 2015


Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Tree


Grace is distributed generously and abundantly from the highest to those in need. It is a distribution of bountifulness, goodness and graciousness, because you are naturally divine beings. However you do not know the timing of the descent because you are in this body.

Grace Infiltrates 

An awareness of Grace comes by establishing a beautiful relationship first with your heart, then with your soul or your light, and then with the source of all being. From that relationship grace infiltrates, at first gently, unobtrusively, unnoticed by you. However you are always the recipient of all manner of Graces. It’s just you are slightly veiled to the understanding of the manifestation of Grace.

To recognise Grace you have to be open fully with your invisible eyes, invisible ears, invisible senses, and totally open to understand when Grace descends, when Grace is approaching. It’s made of that ongoing dialogue. It is as if the the universal source of all being requires that dialogue.

Why? Because you are divine beings holding the power of opening to that calling. But at the same time there is no action, thought or specific attitude that can call it. That’s why it’s called Grace, because it is bountiful, omnipresent and it pervades the texture of existence.

Threads of Life Existence

You are always pulling certain threads of life existence, but you don’t notice that the thread of Grace is really next to you. Perhaps it is brushing your face, but you are so intent on looking for a different thread, that you do not notice Grace.

It requires a certain opening, a flowering of your openness to receive Grace. It’s always there and you are always potentially the recipient. Instead you keep noticing other, more attractive threads of existence. Sometimes they are not so attractive, but they are habitual, and they are the colours you recognise. Grace is not something you associate with your daily life, but it is really woven into your very being.

You can bring closer the awareness of the descent of Grace by practising Gratefulness. Gratefulness allows the recognition of the descent of Grace, because the two are related. Gratefulness, which is the recognition of what has been given to you, paves the way for the recognition of Grace.

Gratefulness, Beauty (Harmony of Elements) and Grace

Gratefulness also paves the way for the further Beauty, and Beauty is an act of divinity at the highest level. So you distribute Beauty around you, Beauty through your soul, through your heart, through the music of your heart, through whatever you wish to manifest. This paves the way for the recognition of the descent of Grace. So these three are very related.

Gratefulness allows you to step into the ground of existence, naked of expectations. If you are Grateful every day for one thing, two things, three things, small things, if you are Grateful for whatever is offered to you, it means then you are truly Grateful for whatever is presented to you. You are now naked in the presence of life existence.

That nakedness presents a tremendous resonance, because it means that you are empty of contents to which negativity sticks.

In the Gratefulness of all that comes along, you are making yourself emptier and more vibrant. It is an emptying of what sticks to you, and you can let go. And from that nakedness Beauty arises. And from the Beauty there is outpouring of love, because Grace is a tremendous source of love, that descends in a potent manner. Grace has the power to transform, this is love in a transformative manner.

Devoid of Unnecessary Elements

To truly receive, you need to be naked to the content of what your mind is supposed to hold or not hold, accept or not accept, judge, assess, encourage, discourage… It needs simply to be very open. So it is easier for those beings who become more and more naked to life. You often use the word “empty”, but it does not convey the true meaning, so we prefer “nakedness”, which means that you are devoid of unnecessary elements.

With that nakedness, there is a natural calling of the recognition of Beauty. Now you step into a rarified atmosphere, which you live in all the time, but at present you do not recognise it, because the wavelengths on which you are functioning are slightly coarser.

When Grace is mature in your being in a way that can be recognised, it will touch all levels of your being: physical body, emotional body, mental body and your heart will recognise a slight tearing.

Grace is an Opening

Remember, Grace is an opening, it’s not a conclusion or a fulfilment. It’s an experience, a kind of tearing of the heart, it’s an opening like a lightening, which is called an awakening. So it’s directly connected to awakening of souls. Awakening sometimes can come through a tremendous shaking of  your identity.

When Grace descends as a lightening directly into your personality, your emotional body and directly into your heart being, then you become illumined. That lightening has the perfect way of working with your soul, because your soul is made of light and recognises instantaneously the potency. However maybe that “undo” aspect of the personality, your lower mind had no plan to be undone, had no such intention, so you don’t call it Grace, but it is Grace. So you see how it is veiled sometimes from you.

It is actually taking place ongoingly, but you only recognise it as Grace when a miracle happens to you, when something was going wrong in your life and it’s seen as a great help. Yes that’s true, but the real act of Grace is the potency and the transformation of your being, that’s the greatest act of Grace, and for that, your nakedness of heart and being is the invitation.

Sometimes it is called surrender. But it’s a very active position, there is nothing passive about that position, allowing to let go and letting go. But it begins with gratitude, with the ability to recognise the validity of life experience from whatever colouring it presents. This is one particular angle today, it is a vast subject.

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    when are you coming back to Sarasota????? Much Love Sandy

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