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Despair Is Part of The Human Condition – But Don’t Make It Last Too Long

October 24, 2015
You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

You cannot bypass anything in front of you – so attend painstakingly to your life, to this existence.

At times you have a sense of falling. The falling has to be included, because value systems are disintegrating, all the things you held, people in your life, circumstances, opportunities, there is a feeling of falling apart.

Things leave, people leave you, you leave them, and all the ideas and identities of yourself are tumbling away, but there is a move/ flow in this abandonment.

The Alchemy of Transformation

Embrace it. If you resist it you are suffering. In resisting the fall you are opposing the alchemy of transformation.

Downward flow does not mean you lose faith or hope in yourself- it is a temporary collapse of perception, of truth, but there is a need to enter a new phase; this can be an upward step or a downward one.

The human limitation is that you judge it because it feels more intense, you are displeased, it goes against the grain, against the reassurance that you are expecting protection, and the unfolding of a natural evolution of your life.

A Message of Expansion

When in a downward flow, do not crystallize the movement as absolute. First, you don’t know where it is taking you. Be curious, retain observation, and you can glimpse that there is a message for you in it. The message is not that of discomfort but is a message of expansion. Go back to a sense of expansiveness.

When you are concerned with your personal fall, a small antidote is to remember that the same fall has touched so many humans on this plane.

You Are Not alone

You are not alone when you have lost the job, love, child, battle. You are never alone; other humans have experienced this. This can give you strength- why? You can relax in the inclusion that you are not the only one experiencing this experience. So you move away from the self-identification, which truly obscures your light. And remember your light is who you truly are.

When you feel this tsunami of your life, remember this has happened in physical form to thousands of people across the world. As you expand, embrace and think of those suffering the same distress and destabilization. As you expand, stay with it, and what arises is not despair, it’s the spirit of generosity. You begin to be generous to yourself and others.

Embrace Others

As soon as you embrace others, your individuality is not so limited any more. Naturally the internal ‘I’ expands. This is the function of embracing, not because you assume a false identity of a religious stance, but naturally from your soul you are an expansive and transformative being. It comes from the inclusion of all. There is nothing more beautiful than this as you cultivate a different wavelength- that of empathy towards others- an upward movement- a new energetic point.

To Feel For Others

Beyond morality it’s a natural law of human nature to feel for others as much as you feel for yourself. Some feel through silence, interaction, conversation, touch, embracing, transmission of heart, thoughts, transmission of soul.

There are so many ways to communicate. You are never isolated. The level of receiving the transmission needs to be recognised, so become subtler and recognise the different ways of communicating. Your compassion for all other beings who are suffering is felt across the universe and you can help others not to feel they are alone in their despair.

Include Expand Accept

We are beings in activity all the time. Recognise sometimes that you have received a loving thought but you weren’t able to translate it. If things don’t seem to reach you in a response you recognise, ask your helpers and guides to send the answer in a way that it can be received. You may be too dense to pay attention.  As you begin to perceive/ intuit/ hope- you know that the river is flowing in the energetic direction upwards. Begin to walk it- be attentive and humble, as there are openings, dreams, fulfilment of a potential.

There is a beautiful teaching in suffering: despair is part of the human condition, but don’t make it last too long. Remember to include, expand, and accept.

Pauses Are A Call For Acceptance

When there is point of acceptance it is a time of stillness, and out of true acceptance a new movement comes. Acceptance is a point- it’s a dynamic point of presence that carries tremendous potency for change. It is not static or passive, but it means you are positive within. Not downcast or elated, but you are stable and new forces can gather. Out of that movement taking place it does not hold a karmic imprint as it flows out of the soul. There are movements, pauses, movements, pauses. Pauses are a call for acceptance.

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