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Soul and Personality

November 2, 2015
Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds

The soul is constantly aware that the personality may be lost in the outer form of things, but the personality is not aware of the loss of contact. Many things are needed to awaken the personality to the knowing that there is something more than the physical appearance, the emotions and the thoughts.

You are all so attached to your thoughts! They are passing clouds. What you thought of last week is different to this week. Pay attention to the fullness of your own nature, as you gather more soul into your personality and your daily life.

Do not rely on what is out of balance. Rely on what holds balance.

Balance arises out of the result of all your experiences, and often a good deal of suffering, because that’s what the human being has chosen in order to mature and evolve. Then, the clarity begins to pierce the veil of obscuration, which is the cloud over the lower mind and the emotions.

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