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Winter is a Reminder

November 21, 2015

DSC01644We can hear you wondering, why am I here? Why am I in this family? This situation circumstance, country, etc. The personality has a limited view, and this  brings uneasiness; it’s time to return to ease.

Relax into the timeless, spaceless atmosphere and resonance of your own soul, your own light, the highest in yourself. You can also share it with those with whom you resonate.

You Light Further Lights

Connecting with your higher self, as you journey into winter, your light reverberates  lighting a light in others. When you walk in darkness you need a light, to find your direction. When you don’t know and are distressed or confused, it is an invitation to illumine your night, with your light, and winter is a reminder.

You need to bring consciousness and presence into your mental and emotional body which then permeates the physical body as well.  Then the night acquires a tender quality; it is not so frightening, not so puzzling, or maddening.

Your Purpose is To Evolve

You live in physical existence, which indicates polarity. Don’t judge it. Light and dark are simply positionings of existence; they are not good or bad. The soul knows exactly, and decided to re-enter a physical life, in order to expand and also for the overall human evolution. This is the purpose of the human family: to evolve, as far as it is possible.

Keep Your Light Bright

We do understand that the body from which you operate restricts you. You don’t see there is a hand holding your hand and walking with you. Your higher self is whispering in your ears and indicating the direction which to take. It is the greatest blessing to feel that reunion.

In winter, come to acknowledge your own light, as the sun sets earlier. It is a beautiful time with fewer distractions. Your function is to keep your light bright because you are continuously helping other beings.

While you are a human being, do not consider yourself separate from the invisible world. As you are this light, no one can take it away, it has been there from the beginning, and will be until the end and even before the beginning and after the end. It’s so simple that it cannot be extinguished. But it can be forgotten by the lower mind.

Just By Being in Your Light is A Service To The World

Do not be shy, there is a tremendous potency and power in your own light, which can illuminate others.

Keep doing this service and you will radiate out all over the world. How beautiful is that. Simply just by being, perhaps meditating, working at a desk,  walking in the street whatever you attend to you are expanding, manifesting this light, this service to the world. The awareness of this is the work you need to put in to make your light more vibrant, more brilliant.

There is nothing more beautiful in this winter season than celebrating the light, and of course the lights of friends and families who are not in physical form now. They are brimming with light, eager to reunite with your light.

When You See Yourself as A Gift You Illuminate

You work in groups of souls. It’s only in physical form that you feel isolated. You build walls, and these are self-created.

You are never alone; we hear the crying in this part of the world, where people suffer from loneliness, which they feel deeply, this distance from their own light. Once the personality turns to light, to the highest, and as soon as you see yourself as a gift, you illuminate.

Help is always at hand, if you pay attention, even to the very difficult moment when all turns to a dark night of the soul. In the depth of the dark your spark of light remains intact.  Your perfection is in your presence and recognition of your light.

You can illuminate those that despair, just by walking in the street. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything. Just knowing you are a light, a lamp unto yourself. It requires courage to exist, and courage to exist in a world with so many contradictions.

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