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A Contemplation

November 5, 2015


Lack of interest in the essential nature of being is the cause of all troubles.

Direct your mind internally and you will find peace.

Draw you attention away from outer disturbances. There are always ripples that cannot be accounted for.

Where will you end if you don’t begin with yourself?

What is past is past, but how can you make your present more liveable if you don’t inhabit your soul?

Chasing stormy weather and choppy waters, who will benefit?

Abide in your true nature; this is the voice of the Ancient Ones.

How do you begin? It is a question of discipline.

Vacillating between real and unreal the Noble One pauses to discriminate.

Abiding in truth requires firmness of intention and action.

The one who perishes knows nothing of being and not being.

True Culture and Beauty arise from a clear Heart.

When the Heart knows no direction, who will you blame?

Time and time again return to the Art of knowing.

14th February 2008

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