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Spiritual Growth

January 4, 2016

Spiritual growth continues in the inter life , but emotional growth can only happen on earth.

People who meditate twelve hours a day don’t necessarily become more illumined, not even of their higher self. Instead it’s about coming into a relationship with the divine. At the appropriate time it will show its face. It does not depend on the will of the seeker, this was the old way, but it only takes you to a certain point. It’s about relating, its about love, it’s not about will power. A very organic process.

In relating to God or to use a metaphor : to meet the roots of the highest tree (the Divine) you need to approach it through all the different branches. These are all processes placed in front of you to learn more about yourself.

One Comment
  1. When I met with you a couple of years ago at the First Spiritualist Church in Quincy, Ma. You told me I come in as a warrior. What’s so interesting is that my therapist always has me pull a Rune card at the end of each session and I almost always pull the warrior card. I work as a psychotherapist and I specialize in working with people who have suffered trauma ( as I have throughout my life). I just think it’s amazing that I pull that warrior card so often. Hoping you’ll be back to our area one of these days. My time with you was a blessing. Thank you so much.

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