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Soul Groups – Law of Affinity

February 11, 2016



You are here to experience group soul development and that works through a law of affinity. This means you will be drawn to meet certain people, and to exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings, aspirations, and other aspects of your being that naturally flow to them.

The law of affinity means that like attracts like, and when you come into incarnation that does not mean that your family is your soul group. There are all kinds of reasons why you chose your family, it could be affinity but also karmic reasons. At the soul level you do recognise when you meet companions of your soul group, because your heart flows naturally to them and theirs flows to you. You will meet through coincidence, synchronicity, and times where you become like minded, but maybe for only a short period of time.

Souls Recognise One Another Energetically

There are elements in common, like ideals, and things that define more and more your soul group. Sometimes your soul group is vast and other times it is smaller, also each one of you belongs to a number of soul groups.

Remember that as you came into incarnation you touched other planetary levels of the solar system and acquired certain qualities and information that you bring here. This might mean that you belong to a group of musicians, this is just one level, but it is a creative level. You could belong to a guild of chefs, it does not matter the kind of work, but then there are those groups that you recognise, not with your mind, but with your heart. It works energetically, there is an exchange because souls recognise one another energetically. It may not be immediate, you may take some time to recognise them.

Sometimes, because of a karmic imprint, although you belong to a certain soul grouping you may have a certain aversion to an individual within that grouping. Now look at this because the aversion works as the polar opposite of the law of affinity, because it is the same law. So this big aversion is pulling you somewhere in your mind towards the person, and although when you feel this aversion you want to run miles away, but mentally you are there with them again. Your mind is there saying: ‘I don’t like them, I don’t like them’, but this keeps them in your mind. Often that is karmic, and it needs to be dealt with at that level.

Suspend Judgement – You Never Know

All of you bring karmic imprints here because there are little karmic debts here and there to be paid back. So there is a realisation with just the people that disturb you, that they have come to assist you to learn new skills and new ways of looking at things. This is in order to neutralise and eventually to finish and complete that karmic debt. That person does not necessarily belong to your soul group. But sometimes the most unbearable person to you, who might be quite close to you, perhaps a part of your work group, and suddenly they have a moment of understanding and illumination where they are transformed and then you see beyond the veil, beyond your judgement. So that aversion was in fact a calling card to pay attention to them. You really don’t know, it’s really quite interesting, because things are often not what they seem. That’s why we say : suspend judgement because you never know.

Your soul group may look like a group of affinity but then in that group with whom you share so much there may be one or two people that you find impossible. They may also be part of the soul group which does not seem like good news to you and everybody else! But they are part of the soul group and they have to play their part, which is a kind of disturber, creating friction in order for you to evolve together. They play their part and you have to become more and more fluid with what is disturbing.

Soul groups are not just the cosy places you like to think of, but give you the possibility to grow and evolve, not only as an individual but as a group.

  1. What exactly is Karmic debt ? What is the definition of Karma?

    • Thank you for your comment. There are three teachings on the web site about aspects of karma.Look on the drop down menu and select karma. Briefly karma is the law of cause and effect. Over countless incarnations we create both positive and negative karma – hence karmic debt builds up.

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