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Uncertain Times – Help!

November 3, 2016

How do I cope with all the uncertainty, there is so much anxiety in people in the USA – UK- Europe – The World?  All this political upheaval. Help!


Australian News Reporting on Brexit

We do understand that uncertainty makes you anxious, even afraid.These emotions in turn create negative thoughts radiating out, impacting other receptive, anxious minds. You affect one another with your invisible thoughts and then your little electrical devices, that you are so fond of, visibly communicate your feelings, and an avalanche of anxiety ensues.

Go into any cemetery and look at the tomb stones from not so long ago, twentieth century, nineteenth century or if you chose much longer fifteenth century. Not for one decade is there not a time of uncertainty – wars, famine, plague, slavery, conquest, financial annihilation and more. Is that better than now?

Your current situation is another page in this drama of life that the human family has created. It is not up to us to say how that will develop, because actually it all depends on the human family and their wisdom. We agree there are a lot of things out of balance in so many aspects of life on earth. This imbalance starts on the subtle mental level and then manifests at the physical level in all sorts of ways : poverty, disease, inequality and dogma. We could tell you to take care of people, to feed people, to distribute your wealth fairly, but that is not enough. You have to want to do it with all your being. To do that you have to be in touch with your being.

Wisdom seems to be in short supply on your planet, although it is plentiful if you know how to find it. How do you find it, well it springs from higher mind that is influenced by the cosmic mind. Wisdom is bountiful, it can assist you in so many ways, both in your outer life and your inner life.

Each one of you needs wisdom and every day you can tap into this inner guidance that is wisdom. The lower mind has its own agenda – its likes, dislikes, current fixation and attachments. Look all around you and you see the results of lower mind. We hear some of you saying computers have artificial intelligence that might take over and render you subservient to the very machines created to serve you. The lower mind is a metaphor for this – something that should serve you, instead of ruling you.


Insatiable Appetite to Consume to be Happy

Lower mind rules you through your five senses, offering you more tempting opportunities to satisfy the senses and increasing your desires. This appetite goes on and on devouring the resources that Mother Earth so generously gives you, to a point where the planet will one day become exhausted. And that day will come.



Lost in The Maze of Lower Mind

The way out as we have hinted in so many of our sessions is to: ‘know who you truly are’. But many are lost in the maze of the lower mind which tells them that this minor aspect of mind is who they are. Belief in this has a high price to pay both for individuals and the planet. Time is not on you side if you continue paying this price. Instead take a fresh look at your self through the lens of the highest in your self. Simply take the time in your day to be quiet and find a place of stillness in yourself. From this place of stillness ask your higher self to guide you, to infuse you with wisdom. Offer up all your plans and dreams for fresh scrutiny by the highest in you. We hear some of you saying this is impossible, unrealistic, a path of inaction. We are inviting you to act while connecting to your highest wisdom & not before, that way your action will be fruitful, otherwise your action can be unwise. We’ve said, many times, that human existence on this planet is an experiment. Humans and Mother Earth have separate destinies. Now is the time for you to experiment with changing yourselves. All you have to do is be willing to change, to open your heart to the highest in you.

Blaming yourself or others is of little use. What’s important is what you do next. Changing societies, governments, or even small communities takes time, because you have to engage with so many other minds that are not operating always from the highest. However the one aspect you can change immediately is your relationship to your lower mind; do this by going inward and linking with the higher mind. Do this daily and you will  notice that your life changes, your inner state will be in harmony, this will then express itself in the choices you make outwardly. Step by step you will be moving toward knowing who your truly are. To your surprise you will realise that the inner journey is the one that leads you to certainty. A certainty based on knowing who you are, by the light of your own experience. As more people do this the society evolves, it comes into the light from the darkness of ignorance.

The human family for too long has been attempting to change ‘out there’ rather than ‘in here’. You all know you cannot change one another by force, at least not for long. In your neighbouring lands you’ve seen harsh dictators keep the so called peace, but the moment they’re gone that apparent peace erupts into hatred. Other world leaders have shown it is possible to change because they have already changed themselves : Ghandi, Nelson Mandela,  as well as your revered spiritual leaders. They were no different to you in essence, and they had their flaws, but their spiritual compass was set to the highest. The fact that they are remembered with respect is the wisdom and love of their higher self reverberating across time. Change yourself by opening up to the highest in you and eventually your world will be different. A different world to the one you have now is possible and already great changes have been made. You are standing on a threshold of new possibilities but their outcome is in the hands of each one of you, not a remote authority. Go inward, attune to your higher self, absorb the wisdom that waits to heal you and know who you truly are.


Look Within

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