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A ‘Prayer’ Is Answered

October 7, 2016

Things in my life are changing. Friends I’ve had for years are not around, or getting ill, or we just don’t have much in common. Groups I’ve been attending, for a long time, are closing. I understand enough about spiritual life to know that the ego has to surrender its wants, to accept the Divine will, which ultimately is for my good, but it’s tough!

Munjiji: As you evolve things you are used to change, even breakdown, can you point to anything permanent in this world of yours? Nothing, this is the truth of  physical existence.

One observation we have is around the notion of surrender. Your witness consciousness is observing that you are disappointed with what’s happening in your life. Try bringing to mind an image of the two plates on the scales of existence. On one plate your emotional body is dealing with disappointment and is heavy. Adding more weight is your disappointment, that if you were surrendering to the higher will properly you wouldn’t feel like this. What would you put on the other plate to balance it?

It’s About Trust

Well you can say to yourself that with friendships that have grown thin, there is the opposite of thin, which is an invisible abundance, that is attempting to permeate my being more. This invisible abundance is the power of the Divine that will fill me at the appointed time with what I require. So you have to stay faithful to this power. It’s about trust, the Bible calls it faith. By putting trust on the opposite scale a balance arises, equanimity is restored.

Surrender is the offshoot of gradually building trust with the invisible power, that presence of consciousness and love. You have to trust that even if all the friends disappear there will still be a fullness, IF you can recognise it.

On the other hand if you feel there is nothing on the other scale and God is just testing you then your plate goes down further. To create the balance remember that the Divine intelligence is loving, bountiful and painstakingly attending to your needs.

The Best Friend

Eventually by trusting, things will arise that are so beneficial, that the loss of friends will be no more important than the coins in your pocket. You have to trust this is the case, even if it doesn’t look that way. This is how the wise ones, the ancient teachers, were always rich having nothing, but actually this is very practical, very precise. Feeling lacking and looking at the situation as a test, will not assist you. Instead you have to feel that what is not coming your way is going to be replaced by something else. There is truly a loving, caring, benevolent, presence that wants me, and that is the best friend. This is not an intellectual concept.

Somewhere in your subconscious lies the belief  you are not looked after. Your subconscious is important, because without its memory function you would have to learn how to walk, speak, and read every day. But it also contains a whole host of bad habits and limiting beliefs which automatically run your life. To overcome this you really need an affirmation to reset the negative beliefs. You have to say that you can withstand the apparent annihilation of friendship, because I know somewhere there are tremendous riches waiting for me. That is the engine that moves all the grace and bountifulness.

Life is to Be Experienced, Not Judged

If you stay with the mindset that you are not surrendered, living in hope, but still feeling deprived,  that limits your consciousness. The danger is you then start to dislike yourself, because things are not coming your way. Instead learn to suspend judgement over the events of your life. Life is to be experienced, not judged.

Surrender to the Divine comes later. First you have to fill the seemingly empty container with trust that the greater being loves you, and will fill the container at the appointed time. In order to feel the love you have to trust. Only you can do this, nobody can trust for you.

This is the true renunciation. Renouncing old ways of looking at things. This is the learning, to know that you are rich, and this doesn’t depend on how many friends you have, or how many people are calling you. The bountifulness of your soul is all pervasive, influencing you and your world. By relying on your inner riches you find the source of true happiness.

Actually Munjiji after my meditation this morning I was ‘talking’ to God explaining my problem. I was asking that if I could have some direct experience of the love of the Divine, then this problem would be irrelevant. Your answer this evening feels like a direct response to my question this morning.

Munjiji: yes that’s how it works. But in order to feel the love, you have to begin to trust. Trust the invisible love of the Divine. It’s a complete trust and that is surrender. This is all a play of light and shadow, like a film, it’s only apparently real. Begin trusting something beyond yourself, which is part of your higher self and your soul, which have their links to the Divine. Then you will see this physical existence is just a film of light and shadow, but until you do that, you see the film as real, and that’s called suffering.

Munjiji I am incredibly moved and grateful to get this wonderful answer via the medium, via you. I actually feel I’ve been heard. It’s amazing!!

Munjiji: yes, that’s the bountifulness of the Divine, that’s the proof.

I feel incredibly fortunate.

Munjiji: you’re not fortunate, that’s Divine abundance.

It’s just fantastic to get this assistance.

Munjiji: Because God wants to say, ‘if you call Me, I care’. The universe and the love of the Divine is bountiful, but it takes and gives according to what is needed and necessary. It does not always fit the requirement of the smaller individuality.


  1. Charlotte permalink


  2. Rev. Lisa Johnson permalink

    What an amazing explanation of what is happening to some of us. To have the faith that all will be well is, in fact, a true test of our faith. Not hope…this leaves a question of failure but true faith and the peace that come with it. My question is this. When we reach this state of inner peace when our basic way of life starts to not feel quite right … it is painful when friendships seem to slowly wither away and we know that to be true to our integrity we must step away …. does God see this struggle & do we grow Spiritually ? Lisa

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