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Do We Feel Pain When Dying?

January 21, 2017

Do we feel pain and suffering when exiting the body?  If so, does it disappear once the transition is complete?



In the moment of leaving the physical body there is no pain, but of course your question implies the time preceding that.

Often the physical body is maintained by artificial processes in hospital which prolongs the transition period. In this case the soul has ample time to commence the moving on process. The mind is already engaged in the next phase, no matter what the outward appearances are. Great suffering is often diminished because a door is opened on the post physical life, a vista opens up to the next level of existence.

Even in the case of a sudden accident, the soul will have already registered that it is leaving soon, and is already in a mode of preparing the individual, although they will be unaware of it.

As always there are complexities because some pain in the physical, mental and emotional body may be necessary as part of balancing karma from a previous incarnation.

Of course the mental outlook of the concrete mind plays a part. If the person does not believe in any afterlife that will bring out certain aspects in the emotional body, possibly fear, it depends on the individual.

Resistance to letting go of the physical form can lead to prolonged pain, although it may seem worse to those witnessing the event.

If people have a strong sense of unfinished business this can prolong the transition process and create discomfort.

Maybe now it’s apparent to you that your mental and emotional state has a strong bearing on the transiting process.

By doing spiritual practices that bring an awareness of subtler, higher states of consciousness these will assist at the time of transition, but you have to have been a practitioner for a while, and it has to be a solid foundation of your being,  more than just theory. It has to be a reality for you, otherwise it will not inform the mental and emotional bodies sufficiently.

With the knowledge that you are moving to an expansive state you feel freer and you move more towards the subtle mental body and feel less discomfort as you realise you are a spiritual being. There is less attachment holding you back.

The more conscious you are of being a spiritual being the higher the exit point from the body, one of the upper chakras. This is why you do spiritual practices to prepare you.

As you leave the physical form you are never alone, guides and helpers are there to assist. If you have a longing to see friends and relatives who have already passed over that longing will call the people to you, the discarnate realm is an interactive world. All you need to do is be willing to listen and you become aware of the other presences making contact with you.

Your love for people produces like a spark of light that tears apart the limitation of separation and allows reunion.

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