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Minutes To Midnight

January 27, 2017


Question: in the last few months the world seems to have gone crazy. What’s happening?

Munjiji: You are travelling in eternity, life after life. Eternity is not a passive state but a dynamic existence, because the universe is ever expanding. The journey you’re on is about reconciling yourself to your true nature, for some of you this is a discovery and for others a reconnection. Do you notice that you are at times at war with your true nature? Have you noticed this seems to be a planet of conflicts and clashes of energies? And yet, you wonder why it cannot be a perfect place of harmony resonating with creativity itself. Well, you incarnated already with these internal conflicts which are then expressed in manifestation on this planet.

A Reflection of Your Inner Disturbance 

You have come here to learn to soften the differences within yourself, to soften that sense of separation from your transient being to your eternal being. The disturbances you see in the outer world are a direct reflection of your inner disturbance, while usually you think that the external dissonances are nothing to do with your state of mind. In rare circumstances there are people who can truly bring peace, like the great masters. So you see it is possible, but it has to start with you, nobody else. As each one of you becomes harmonious, so the whole becomes a reflection of that.

A Torch of Clarity

Life is for you to experience the contrasts of existence. Sometimes you experience situations where you say ‘this is not me’, and that may well be correct. People do choose different governments and different solutions to common problems. You all have the element of fire in you, some may use it to hurl insults, inflame situations and so on. Instead you can use your fire to illumine understanding, to be a torch of clarity.

Old Seeds Coming to Fruition

Karma plays a part not only individually but collectively, there is collective thinking which adds a different rhythm to life, not necessarily the rhythm of your soul.This works through eons, so what was invisible in this incarnation suddenly flares up, with great violence in your society and you say ‘I don’t know where this came from’. But if you look carefully you can see these were old seeds that suddenly came to fruition. These seeds  were planted in the world of minds, and they mature in the world of physical existence. For example your historians say the seeds of Second World War were planted at the end of the First World War.

The Years of Fire

These are the years of fire, and it is important how each one of you use that very fire.  About eighty years ago you reached a development of mind by being allowed to discover the power to split the atom. This led to the atomic bomb, so now you had the means to destroy the planet. Your scientific mind has developed enormously, but you do not have yet full understanding of human nature. You understand more about the cosmos than you do of yourselves.

A Clash of Titans

From the invisible, we are helping you to have the wisdom and discrimination in the use of these powers. You are forging more and more a world that you can beautify or you can set on fire. Whilst there is tremendous goodness in the world, the element of fire is rapid and  contagious, and in terms of will power, now it is a clash of titans, or groupings of individuals. Some are saying ‘I’m working with my truth and this will be truth for all’ and others are saying ‘there is only one truth’. Relying on one’s own small vision becomes inflammatory, and even if you are the most powerful president of a country or a planet, you still have a limited vision. The power of the light of wisdom is to be able to reconcile opposing forces, if you only work by elimination rather than inclusion there will be no progress. You can see that by a number of conflicts on your planet that have been with you for decades.

Live At The Highest Of Your Being

In terms of your personal dissatisfaction with the maturation of the fire of disruption, although you are limited, you can hold your torch for light, for understanding, for the discovery of truth. Your whole journey in life after life is toward truth, but as we have said the truth that is spoken of is only relative truth. Your truth of today may not be your truth of tomorrow. So live at the highest of your being as you can, at every possible opportunity, don’t miss one. The more you miss the opportunity to live at this level in terms of thought, integrity, and consideration of others then the more you are creating negative patterns, because if there is more judgment of others then there is more desperation.

Free To Create Or Demolish Your World

Of course you are entitled to feel the pain, but you are here to discover your potential by whatever life throws at you, and it’s not easy to understand the ways of humanity because there are different groupings of mind, intent, and purposes. You are journeying towards fullness of truth that cannot be described in words, cannot be known by the mind because it is beyond the mind. When you step beyond mind a lot of what appears to be intractable is in fact a distortion so a correction can take place. Will you be able to make that correction collectively? Well that is a matter of choice for the human family. You are free to create or to demolish your world.

Your soul returns to its own journey whether it has a physical body or not, returns to its own essence. If you do not believe in soul you can call it your intelligence, the spark is the same fire. So first of all when you are discouraged remember to choose the best ideals for yourself – choose the best way of relating to yourself, why not make the commitment to treat humanity in the same manner.

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