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January 25, 2018




Abuse of Children – Why is this happening, what is wrong?

Munjiji : Human beings incarnate on the earth plane to transform, to transform something in themselves that is resistant, obtuse and full of ignorance.


Ignorance means: it has not seen light, it functions for its own self aggrandisement, personal pleasure, expressing all the distortions that the human being can intend. The fact this exists does not justify it, and you have taken existence to assist in relieving this distortion.

Not Recognised – The Norm

But let’s go back to the history of your planet for a moment. We have to remind you, that in medieval times, and more recently, there were people who owned other people. They had complete power over them, they were not entitled to anything, no matter what their age was. Because these people were owned, the gap in recognising them as human was enormous.

This was so much the norm, that any kind of abuse was considered acceptable, because they were not considered human beings. It took millennia to change, and it is still taking a very, very long time.

Keep Attuned to Goodness

It is caused by the failure of the human mind to connect to soul, to connect to luminous existence, in this case to recognise that every human being is like you, in need of love, support and protection. By keeping your heart, your deepest heart, attuned to goodness, and you are here for this very reason, to help redress the imbalance. Now you have more information, you can see better where it is happening, and how it is happening. It is only now, as your consciousness has widened its horizon, that what was considered acceptable, is not longer the case. Whole economies were based on abuse, like slave trading and child labour, many became prosperous as a result.

Transform Beyond Ignorance

Abuse is a terrible thing, but that’s why it’s so precious to be in a human form, to be able to assist. The soul choses a human body, accepting the conditions and limitations, but with a wish to evolve and transform beyond ignorance, and the depth of so called darkness. We say the so called darkness, because darkness is not badness, it has its place, some plants need the dark to grow, but it’s ignorance that you need to resist or reveal. Now that ignorance is being unmasked more and more, but there are tremendous pockets of resistance to that.

Distortion of Power

Within that ignorance is the distortion of power, which people identify with, and hold on to. Indeed, some people because of their past lives, or circumstances of this life, consider it ‘normal’ to use others for their own ends. Not only children, but women, the elderly, employees, minority groups, any situation involving the misuse of power over others.

A Ray of Hope – A New Attitude

Now that more human beings are considering all other human beings as human beings, there is a ray of hope. Things are better than before, but there’s a long road ahead. This change has to happen individual by individual, so it starts with each human being, to aspire to the highest. As individuals evolve in their heart and souls, then a group resonance occurs, which leads eventually to a new attitude in a culture, or nation, this brings renewal and upliftment gradually for the whole human family.

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