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2018 Another Challenging Year?

January 4, 2018



A New Container

Look at the good things that have happened this year. Each year is like a circle, your life is made up of interlocking circles, which invite you to go deeper, looking at the beautiful things that have happened. Sometimes beautiful things are painful, carrying a secret that helps you go beyond your limited identity. Your real identity, is walking in a stream of never ending life existence. Through this you can find stability in the flux of life events. In accepting the flow of life, you find the eternal life. Eternal life is not some distant future.

Years of Fire

In 2012 we spoke of years of fire, these continue, burning away the dross, exposing all  that needs to be brought into the light, to be transformed. We do not need to speak directly of the scandals, inequality, greed, and human foolishness already revealed. These events show value systems that do not benefit the wider human family.


2018 is an opportunity for refinement. Bring this word into your heart. What do you want to make more beautiful, more powerful, what do you want to flower? We see you as full of resources,  linked to your divine nature, ever flowing, all encompassing. However like your heart beat there are pauses, essential for the next beat. Don’t berate yourself when there are pauses in your life, instead acknowledge it is a matter of rhythm, whilst there is a gathering of forces and potential.

Shaking of Value Systems

2018 is a continuing time of transformation, the container for the human family is too small, a bigger container is needed. The human family is like a beautiful flower that has been partially uprooted, to be placed into a new container, with fresh soil. This uprooting indicates these are not only years of fire, but also a feeling that the earth under your feet is shaking. This is to do with the principles of your value systems. When the plant is removed the bare roots cannot be left exposed to the light for long. That period of transplanting needs to be endured, and this is what the human family is enduring, but what comes up is not always beautiful. It shows the difficulties, the conflicts, the ugliness. In that transition is an internal and external shaking of ground. Everything is up for review and can be difficult to cope with.

Five Seconds of Stillness

We have a suggestion that will help you feel on solid ground. The real ground that is invisible and potent. Practice five seconds of stillness, in that pause you reflect on your eternity, your divinity. It is a universal rhythm, and if you catch it, you are in universal time. It is a recognition that the highest in yourself is operating. It is operating at all times, but in the midst of difficulties, invite it in. You can do this anywhere, a crowded train or an unpleasant situation. In those five seconds you are returning home. A vista is opened, you will become more perceptive, you understand people and circumstances better. We are giving you a little present of the rhythm between time and timelessness. Timelessness is when you feel connected to your soul. And something will return to you, because something sees your effort, your own soul/essence is eager to embrace you fully, to love you fully. It only takes five seconds of intense focus.

Many Things Need To Change

The New Year continues a process of transformation leading to a bigger container. There have been too many limitations, many things need to change. Human mind has made a version of reality that has to change. Doing this exposes some ignorance, the ability to damage, so this change depends on you. How much do you wish to enlighten humanity, or create further suffering? It’s your choice, not a divine command.

We Are Here – Just A Breath Away

This is a potent time, you have the opportunity to abandon obsolete ways, ways that actually create destabilisation. You need to be a stable resource for people who feel disturbed in different ways, leading to feelings of isolation and confusion. Give validity to their transformation, give hope and courage. Remember in serving others, you are renewing yourself. And if you cannot serve anybody else, then by serving the body, the mind, your soul, you are making a divine service, because you are divine.

Invisible family and friends are always there to support the upliftment of the human soul, the human family, and all those souls that have courageously taken this incarnation. We are here, just a breath away.

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