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Purpose of Life and Meaning

March 21, 2012






Of course you have a physical form, emotional aspects, all the subtle levels of being that in a manner of speaking are different levels that have a perishable sense. Now we have said sense which means that your physical form will be shed by you, will be left behind and gradually also aspects of your emotional being, your mental being will be relinquished. However in that understanding there is continuation of life, there is continuation of existence, there is continuation of consciousness and that is the true fulfilment of the heart and the understanding of consciousness which means blending together the knowing of presence with the love for existence continuously.

Feelings of Uncertainty because of your More Perishable Aspects

The human aspect of you has to awaken to the understanding  there are parts that are very transitory and other subtler aspects that are assisting you in the highest level of transition. Your evolution as well as the way you function in your human incarnation it is always gradual; it presents a gradient and presents a difficulty within that because when you are speaking as a person about your body, your personality and the more perishable aspects they themselves will create a certain amount of uncertainty because they are temporary. It’s the perishable talking about the perishable.

Everlasting Consciousness and Life

Although you may feel full of love for the life that is with you around you but you carry that sense of uncertainty about what will unfold after the part that is perishable has been left. The question is how to daily live with the sense of what is left behind forever. You may have lost friends, you may have lost families, you may have memories of events, situations, conditions that you enjoyed and loved and they all went. Maybe you even appreciate more what you have now but the aspect of non-permanence it is rather dominant in your existence. You also have that quality of attunement to the heart’s sphere and that heart’s sphere it is your door and your opening into the everlasting consciousness and life. This is apparently a paradox but indeed it is only a contradiction when you are residing in the wavelength of your physicality. To live in all three or four or more wavelengths of existence at the same time it’s a very particular skill and to be constantly attuned to the countless elements of your being it has hardly ever been mastered on this planet.

Life Contradictions assist Your Spiritual Growth

Although you have great beings they need to be veiled in order to live in their daily life. They need to not only veil but to retain an amount of obscuration regarding the way they are functioning to themselves from the highest in themselves in order not to implode and leave the planet. So if that is already a complexity for those ones that are operating from quite a high level of the ladder of the existence on planet earth, so indeed for you it presents a certain amount of contradictions.  The contradictions are there simply to assist you in a kind of friction and you experience this friction as a diminishing in your existence in a sense or what could be described as becoming less and less in your life. There is an impelling movement an interior movement that is proclaiming eternal life, that is proclaiming continuity of life because you see when you or we have just used this word ‘eternal’ we are implying still time .We don’t like to use that but the “continuity” of life puts you in touch with a sense of space and timing which is beyond time which is beyond the perception of a limited space, so indeed you are always in touch with that element.

Life it’s Indestructible so that is the Good News

But how to keep “continuity” constantly as your own daily companion so that it becomes eventually the true revelation of who you truly are and that is why you are here. You are here to involve yourself in all the things that are coming to conclusion, to transformation, to ending in order also to shine your own light of consciousness, your own light of love, your own light of perfection from that level as we have said often where life is never perfect. However from that place your perfection shines over the multi-facet of the variation in the scale of time, and so it is a dance indeed that you are performing, and in it of course the trust is built through the countless lives and existences that have brought you to the point where you are considering more deeply yourself.

Non-physicality does not limit : Intelligence or Consciousness

In fact each one of you although you experience yourself in the physical form also touch quite regularly the part of you that is not bound by physicality. That’s why you can talk to us and not find it unusual because that understanding, that the non-physicality does not limit intelligence, does not limit consciousness, does not limit even personality, there is a continuity of presence which can be very rarified or very distinct but it really is present. It’s not only like an echo across the universe, it is vibrant presence throughout life existence so that life its indestructible so that is the good news. But then of course you would be saying yes but what about all the losses we have experienced then and we still experience, even the loss when you comb your hair in the morning. If your hair is lost you feel a little pang isn’t it a little bit of hair is gone, even that touches some threads in your being, even that is important because it has a sacredness.

From the Soul Level it is Very Natural to Sit in Gratitude

So it’s not irrelevant when you notice those losses even of the little things. It is because you are still honouring perhaps from a deeper involvement with life what is transient but it is also honouring in that transient something so precious that has come into manifestation. Its alright to feel the sense of loss even for those few hairs in your comb, even for what is being transformed. In the moment of  losing something though if you could bring the aspiration of gratitude towards the wheel of time that is assisting you towards transformation, then you have brought balance in your life. That balance lasts for a while until a new imbalance is produced and then that imbalance  is balanced again by that sense of gratitude, recognition of that existence, that never leaves you that never leaves all the areas of cosmos and all the areas of manifestation. This requires a kind of leap of faith from the personality but of course from the soul level it is very natural to sit in gratitude to be in that position of ecstatic openness which gathers all the elements of gratitude all the elements of joy that has been called insome ancient traditions ‘paradise’. In your culture you have those images of angels singing and the soul is apparently ecstatic but indeed that was a way of presenting the fullness of the gratitude of the soul that knows of life everlasting and ever continuing and that knowing is called  paradise.

Paradise means a Protecting Wall

Paradise means protected wall and maybe there are angels on the wall singing. The angels do not belong to human family but as you comfort your soul and you are in attunement with that level of yourself then the angelic beings and the nature of you that resembles the most angelic nature comes into a kind of fusion. You come together and you hear more and more the angels so in paradise you are experiencing the singing of the angel, you are experiencing the touch of the angelic beings. It means that you at any time can enter this state and that from the soul level you can touch that quality you are never alone. That protected space called paradise is something that its always with you but of course it’s a matter of attunement, it’s a matter of remembrance, it’s a matter of gratefulness and out of that arises the song of the heart. That is the quality that assists you and provides the steps towards that certainty, towards that resonance not only with the angelic being, with the fullness of your soul, with the essence and the light of all the beings that are serving you and the existence at large where still the transformative elements of life are taking place and where the aspects of pain and suffering are still entangling matter in such a manner that cannot be relinquished yet in fullness.

Everlasting Life is Continuously Shown to You

Of course once you arrive at that level of gratitude and maintain that then there will not be anymore this dichotomy this question about the loss, the question about what am I not seeing, what am I not perceiving, the question will be in fact non-existent.  There will still be evolutionary steps because you are accomplishing the fullness of what is called soul by this we mean the evolutionary subtle part of your being that is infused by the spirit by the totality of who you are. Until the soul completes its evolution and there are countless levels of evolution, so it is important to remember this gradient, it is important to remember this graduation of elements so that while your soul can aspire for fullness the touching of the absolute  and its always something that is given at one point or another. However the so called conscious part of you has to provide evolutionary steps for yourself and for others of the collective to realise the cosmic reality in this  play of cosmic life. You are a tremendous contributor and you are here to play your part and so yes, dear friends there is loss, yes dear friends there is suffering and that should not be ignored or treated superficially but it is in this dance of aspiration and resonance and connection to soul and light that your everlasting life is continuously shown to you. It’s at least echoing meaning that you can see it as a reflection as a reverberation of sound, if you are not yet able to truly see your faith completely to truly see your beauty and that beautiful light which brings closer and closer beings from the invisible, subtle beings some connected to the human family, some not which are here to assist you and this is a particularly potent time where you will be assisted also from a lot of legions of beings that have not necessarily ever taken human incarnation. But they are truly shining beings here to sustain you into a kind of battleground that is here, that has been taking place as we have spoken of the years of fire on which you are involved and there are years of tremendous transformation, purification and illumination but remember all the points we have introduced, not in great depth but just touched upon so that you can see the freshness of life producing continuously possibilities beyond the difficulties that you of course are facing daily, so we’ll stop here.

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