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Working in Organisations

March 22, 2012

In an organisation there is a kind of machinery at work and the individual does not have enough power nowadays to stop what some of those organisations have now created. So you could be heard by the individual but you may not be heard by the kind of machinery that is being activated that is limiting, reductive and this has been going on for quite a while. Of course it looks like a terrible contradiction because that machinery (organisation) has been put into place by human beings, by their minds. But the problem is that human beings are extremely powerful and they seem to forget that. So in their understanding there is sometimes a certainty about bringing some changes which they imagine they can change again if necessary . But because of the power that you as societies often carry or groupings of you are carrying then once a negative direction or any kind of direction is brought forward then it’s not so easy to change the direction.

Karma of the Mind

You may reap the result from something that those in charge set in motion perhaps ten years ago. This is very much the karma of the mind and people seem to be very taken by the karma of the body but don’t understand that what you are producing here as mental karma is much more potent than produced in the last 25,000 years of incarnation. Why, because you have that knowledge of the present time even if you do not believe in past lives you have a mind that has evolved that has refined and with that comes the responsibility of the power of that mind which is enormous. So we are using this to remind you that when you find yourself powerless in the front of the machinery of some of the situations that are in front of you, you have to think well it came from human minds and will have to be changed by human minds and so let me use my mind in such a way that I will operate in the utmost clarity and balance for the well being of all.

Entanglement with the Countless Minds

Whatever words you are using, whatever thoughts you are using, make sure you are contributing to an evolutionary force and not to an involutionary force.  Of course in your meditation perhaps you can see the result of all the dominance of this mind activity. But that’s not done because the lower mind has a tendency to produce a certain amount of self delusion in the imagining  that there is always another opportunity to change things. This your opportunity to evolve. When that heart resonance is cultivated then so is the mind. You can use your own mind and the different levels of your mind in a more discriminative manner, in a manner that does not entangle itself with the countless minds. You see the picture that we were describing  is that at present the mind of the human family has become so dominant in its complexity that it has become rather lost, so that the light is required more. More of the light of your being, the light of your understanding, the light of your soul and the calling of the light from those teachers and masters that are assisting you all to imprint more and more a manner of being that will eventually surpass that quality of mind in order to break through and break free.

Self Propagating Delusion of Power and Dominance

You might have seen those beautiful images of under water vegetation that spreads and is so entangled that you can hardly distinguish one from the other. This has happened with humans and that is not the best evolutionary aspect of the human being because that entanglement unfortunately is taking place at the very unconscious level and is lacking light It is an entanglement of self propagating delusion of power and dominance and we have to spell it out clearly to you. With that you can input your goodwill, your light, your sense of balance and the knowing however big or small of what you understand of yourself that is already allowing this entanglement. With your question already there is a tension, with that tension we can free you and assist you. Together we are disentangling not only yourself but all those ones that are coming in contact with you that are rather entangled. When you are engaging in wrestling with the question and our assisting is just adding an extra little point here and there, so that you can truly manoeuvre and act and change things. You are then not becoming any more the victim of this very strange amorphous creature that doesn’t know anymore where its going but it has so much enjoyment in self-entanglement that it seems to have lost the measure of what constitutes the life of the planet.  So it is not a bleak picture but is not an easy one either. We just gave you a wider perspective so that you can use your words skillfully, but the people that are working above you that are making those decisions are exactly in that position of entanglement you see, where they wish to do their best but they feel they are part of the machinery. Often the solutions that people think are new solutions are very old, obsolete and not radiating any quality of luminosity that can truly open a new door.

So you have that responsibility of opening your doors, you have that responsibility of looking more deeply into yourself, into others, into circumstances, into situations, into your dreams, into your existence, into your thoughts, into your every action and instill qualities, high qualities of beingness, gratitude we could  mention countless other qualities, think about those qualities when you are speaking and writing a letter, when you are addressing people.

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