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Entering a New Relationship

March 22, 2012

We are going to the question now regarding relationship. Think of the good qualities that you have in your heart. Think of the good qualities that distinguish you: your integrity, your sense of understanding, your aspiration for the light. Consider also the knowledge of where the imbalances lie in your life or in your personality where the balance is not present, where you need to be in alignment that easily goes out of alignment.

Do not Become this Entangled Mass of Hopes and Expectations

It is important that in this time where you are all collaborating and working collectively you are not an island. You are here really to assist everybody in this shifting of understanding, perception and evolution. You are also collaborating by retaining a very clear sense of who you are so that you do not become this entangled mass of hopes, expectations, disappointments, false starts and countless blind alleys that have seen so much of the mind’s self indulgence taking place. It is important for you in relationship that you maintain a sense of protection. We spoke in our keynote about paradise and we said it is a garden wall, that’s the meaning of the word anyway, it is a protective space. So retain, maintain your paradise please and from that place then you can choose if to share your life or not but not the paradise. The paradise is your own unique protected space and from there you will know how much you will be able or choose to share of your life with another person coming into your life. Usually at first you take the good news: “oh someone is coming closer into my life.” So at first there is this openness but this openness is always to be tempered, balanced by the knowing that coming back inward in to your garden that is where there is true happiness and joy; from that place then yes you can give knowing that you are not losing that balance.

This Particular Life is the Most Precious Because it is the One You Have Now

Now that is a very high demand isn’t it, because losing the balance is the easiest thing in the world when you are potentially approaching a relationship or a close relating with someone. You all have done it and its very natural because there is this desire of the oneness of being, the coming together and becoming one beautiful being because that’s what you are truly. However because you live in a duality and because the minds of human beings have not reached a level of evolution where they can be kept quiet enough they are still assuming a whole  level of competency which really is not there, then the entanglement happens. So withdraw from entanglement commit to openness, to clarity, to love. This life is precious like every life but this particular life for each one of you is very precious because it’s the one you have now. It’s the one that you are engaging in this moment in time and space and so live it in fullness from your highest wisdom.  Your highest wisdom is not far away from you it is with you at all times, so live it from there and when you look at the new people in your life or the old people in your life, always always function as much as you can from that place of highest wisdom, pray for that place, beg to be continuously attuned to it. Helpers are there to assist you and to remind you who you truly are, then you will know should I take a further step in this relationship or should I hold back a little bit, should I just completely forget because my heart cannot offer that space; it will become more apparent. It does not matter if you make a few mistakes, remember you have to step out of the mentality that you are not going to do mistakes because you all do mistakes, we all have done them, so remember that alertness is what is required suffused and infused with all the love that you can have and give.

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