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Prostate Cancer

March 23, 2012

Some cancers hit the sexual organs or will have to do with bladder or base chakra and sacral chakras. One aspect of these chakras is power. Usually if a situation regarding power is not brought to true acceptance, which is quite difficult, in fact one of the most difficult things to do, and when its not viewed as a deepening of the acceptance of life’s contradictions and existence, these contradictions can lead to a kind of self devouring, something that proliferates like cancer cells, as if there is a power that cannot go anywhere and which is a self-perpetrating energy that increases rather than being directed somewhere away from the body.Powerlessness is a very poisonous thing so you have to see yourself in a process of surrender rather than powerless, because there will always be times and situations where you will not be fulfilled and a sense of defeat will come in.

Illness Ends in the Body it doesn’t Start There

So you see it does not begin in the body, and illnesses you know they don’t start there, they end there. This is one case and often to do with that typology is cancer with this pressure of powerlessness. So it is useful to remember that you can consider not to hold the same category of feelings where things should always be going along a course wished or hoped for. It is part of your evolution to accept a diminishing of the sense of self through lack of accomplishment, but it is very hard to accept, it is not easy for the personality level.

Inner Torment Builds an Energy that leads to Disease

So do not succumb to a sense of complete powerlessness, because when that is touched and coupled with many ideas of how everything could be done differently, an energy wave is generated and if you have an active mind instead of a quiet mind then in the face of powerlessness there is a sense of torment and that gradually builds energy that is imploding in that manner leading to disease. If you have a quiet mind in the face of powerlessness things can be re-directed. It’s a sense of powerlessness and the inability to transform that potent aspect into something freeing, it is difficult, it is not easy. These are all very potent lessons which souls invite in one manner or another and hence you come into incarnation to learn these lessons, but unfortunately people often cannot transform this energy of powerlessness and when something cannot be acquired as a learning in this life, it will be acquired in a subsequent life.

Life will not Obey the Commands of the Personality

It is important we share this because it can save some complication if one understands soon enough, that the mastery of being has nothing to with exercising will and power at all times. Life will not obey the command of the personality, even if it’s completely reasonable, even if it’s completely sensible and even if it’s for the well being for all. Life as it is for the human being is not a uniform organised whole, it’s still full of chaos and confusion hence making friends with powerlessness is important.

Love and Compassion help when the Personality does not Understand this Experience

Certainly, every one that is reaching a certain maturity of life existence will experience sooner or later a feeling that somehow things are not going quite in the direction that they have been hoping for. It is a crucial point of resolution to not let that aspect prevail by noticing what truly counts. Love and compassion are the opposite energies behind the power principle that will assist the aspects of the personality that do not understand this life experience.

False Perception of What Life is About

Let’s say that in the case of a person whose relative is behaving in a manner absolutely unexplainable and is ruining their life and a few other people’s as well. This sort of situation will make the person (not the relative) feel powerless. Now that principle of powerlessness, although the person accepts and is patient and so on and so forth, is still eroding their sense of fulfilment of a role in relation to the errant relative. That erosion is what provides a ground for disease and produces yes pain, forces you to further understanding, but also prepares the ground for a diminishing of self which is so individual and unique that we cannot put it into words for this person or for that person, as it is very unique. So when we say “ diminishing self” it will echo for different people, in a different manner but it is a path in its own right. It is as if you are then eroding the false perception of what this life is all about, and life does it sometimes in the most acute painful manner in order to reveal to you the truth, so the illness comes along as a friend sometimes in that way but how difficult it is to meet it.

 The Compassionate Heart that is the Path of Wisdom and Love

The truth is that powerlessness it’s making you understand the limits that you have in relation to the power principle .When you accept that limitation the love rises to include first yourself when you didn’t feel powerful enough to change or to assist a situation and then by reflection the other people involved. There is a level of power to be abandoned in order to step into a more refined dimension which begins with acceptance of limitation, inclusion of the confusion of others, unconditional love and not having all the time to bang the head for solutions. Instead hope and pray for those solutions to appear at the right time in the right person and yet including the whole world, in love and in the embrace that is called the compassionate heart. That is the path of wisdom, that is the path of love and its fought on the ground of power and powerlessness it is not fought on the ground of nice pleasant feelings, that is the true meaning of love.


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