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March 23, 2012


You have a variety of possibilities it depends on how you are responding to existence. Let’s say that somebody has lost one of their limbs because you were a warrior or you were careless in a past life, this will create a specific karma that will relate to that. That level has to be solved physically. The moment that you acted with that intention which caused the injury it is natural that this event will be subject to the law and the Lords of Karma and has to be understood physically. This does not mean that you will also lose a limb but it will have to be “reaped” in some form let’s say with some work perhaps physical work concerning this person in this life perhaps being very ill and needing your assistance. So you may have to look after them for a period of time and that is very physical.

Repaying of Karma not Always at the Physical Level

Now this is one example that you can apply to all physical dimensions. But if within that situation you cause harm to an individual body in one life and in that same life you’ve felt a tremendous pang of conscience; something in you said “I did it but that was not right I do understand now that I have done it” so in that case the karma becomes mental. The clearing and cleansing takes place at the mental level. In your mind that understanding it has already become a sort of repentance because you are capable of understanding what has taken place and so you are moving to another level. In recognising that mistake it produces a higher wavelength which means the repaying of the karma is not demanded at the physical level. It could also be a blending of both mental and physical. You may still experience the level of suffering but not so disruptive at the physical level and this will help you to integrate and understand the suffering that both of you have sustained.

Squeezing of Drops of Heart Pain

When you are moving to the level of mind and emotion you will be assisted to repay and rebalance because this karmic element is simply bringing to balance what has been put out of balance. You are rebalancing via the conscience and the element of suffering which is a process of squeezing of drops of heart pain but those drops will nourish and give life back  to life itself. So that bit of life that you have taken or reduced or limited is brought back in by your true sense of understanding that that was a mistake. Out of that contrition you are squeezing the life quality from your subtle being and that life quality revives the element of life that has been dispossessed disjointed or damaged and brings new life. So you can see you may commit an act of physical damage but it can be redeemed and repaid differently not only differently but the point is to go back to the source of life and inject fresh life. You can rebalance the life that was taken by a good intention by a quality of understanding.

Repaying Karma in Dreams

As your understanding rises you can repay at a level of the mind. Where does the level of mind still persist? In dreams. You can repay a wrongdoing in dreams by fighting and wrestling and that could be a way in which you are repaying through a difficult dream. So because you have risen to a higher wavelength and are really renouncing the action that was physical and has become abhorrent to you so you are repaying it through the mind level. The same with the emotional level although this is a much trickier level, because although you may have renounced course actions, you don’t have a clear vision of what your emotions do to yourself and others. If they could be projected on your usual evening TV and you could select the channel and watch the emanations from you for a day or maybe a week it would be quite interesting.

A Comedy of Errors

Sometimes it would be a horror film and other times it would be a comedy. Sometimes a comedy of errors between you and other people and sometimes it would be full of romance and joy. So really you should practice reviewing your day and then you could really look with a certain way of relaxing and really acknowledge what has taken place. If you enter that dispassionate tranquil place that says this is what took place and it’s quite horrid I look like a horror movie I am worse than vampire and I thought I was an angel; then you can free yourself from that emotional part. But because you see that the vampires are all around you and you are a poor victim  indeed that does not free you it does not disentangle you and so a lot of the karmic suffering that so-called modern civilisation suffers is at the emotional level. The entanglement is lacking the quality of dispassionate love, the capacity also to love your difficulties to see what they were exactly and what your emotional level was which is not necessarily you but it is part of you but it is in relation to you. If you remember we said that you are in relation to your physical body but you are not your physical body and in the same way you are in relation to your emotions that you are not your emotions. This is a crucial point and it is quite difficult to understand and to disentangle yourself but a lot of that karma is at the emotional level and has to be repaid at the emotional level.

Karma has to Become Neutral

Now when you leave your body you are still a mind being, emotional being and a spiritual being. But unless you truly know you are a spiritual being your consciousness will be identified with the mind beings and the emotional beings. That’s why when some of you do mediumship  you may meet people who are not any more in the physical form but they may be as difficult and grumpy as they were in their physical form. This is because the identification with the emotional is still very very strong although sometimes it can be used as a way of identifying the person as a particular relative so it is only there for identification purposes. However normally those ones in spirit world who are going through those emotions will have to work it out in physical form and learn to disentangle from this emotion. They will be helped to prepare to repay some of the karmic aspect of the emotional entanglement in what is called the interlife and then reincarnating with those individuals on earth with whom they still have emotional karma to complete. This means bringing into balance those karmic aspects that are out of balance with the result that they become neutral.

Karmic Confusion and Debts are Washed Away

When you then go to the next wavelength of the emotional level which is the spiritual level you are at another karmic level. But still you are at a level of attraction where you are pulling people closer in a positive manner in a manner of love, collaboration and expansion and this again is taking place when you are not in incarnation because you are planning your next incarnation. It is a two tier level, the more you are evolving at the mental, emotional and spiritual level the more you have the capacity to not have to work at it strictly at the physical level.

If you only see yourself as beginning and end with this physical form and that nothing is left then the more you will be struggling to understand that you have to deal with your mental world, emotional world and spiritual world because it will not be so visible at the end. So there is a variation. Where you enter the consciousness of your spiritual being once more a lot of your karmic confusion and debts are washed away by the flow of the true understanding of what life is about. So a lot of things are weakened but they are still requiring balancing. It is not so demanding as you have detached emotionally so you can look at things with kindness and offering the best in yourself with the understanding that you will be acting differently. So already a big weight is lifted from your shoulders with the result that you will be much more illumined in the understanding of what the situation is so that your karma is not weighed down like a heavy stone. It is actually like a passing cloud and you will be seeing it as clouds that that arise in your mind as thoughts that arise in your mind. You will see it as people bringing new challenging situations but you will be able to offer them again and again back.

If you are a little more proficient on your other levels of body then you will be working from that level when you’re not in incarnation. And at the end it is not about punishing anybody but opening you up to who you truly are that is where the Cosmic Intelligence is moving and directing all and one.

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