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Physical Transformation

March 23, 2012

The physical part continuously changes, evolves and decays at the same time. It’s like you’re moving in two directions at once. On the one hand you are evolving, but at the same time you are experiencing the body’s limitations. This creates confusion, am I going forwards or going backwards? It is a question of where you are looking and also what you perceive is your vessel. If you consider your vessel only to be your body then you will experience limitations, on the other hand if you look at your vessel as your soul or your essence then you have your direction, you have your path to evolution and you are navigating your course perfectly. Soul is always Bringing You Home The soul of its own accord knows where to go, but the personality at the meeting point between the inner life of the soul and the outer life gets confused and asks where am I going? Hold this image of your vessel as your soul which is the evolving aspect of soul and  to know that you are always on your journey. When it seems you are going nowhere, doing nothing relevant and helping no one just look at the body which sometimes is satisfied and sometimes is not. Of course you experience limitations and the perspective is not just the body but it is in the material life where difficulties also occur & you can see this with your friends & family as body concerns, as emotional concerns as all the understanding of the physical life concerns. You are not Lost So you have a choice as to what you are identifying more with, either physical body or the soul which is your transparent radiant essence. The soul will guide you as it has the most potent light. It is always bringing you home, so you are not lost. The Physical Body is Reabsorbed because Energy Cannot Be Destroyed We understand that from another perspective there is a sense of oblivion, not knowing what this is all about. It is the kind of perennial question that often comes to people who have great aspiration, but have not been able to make substantial their inner aspiration to a level where the physical life has been absolutely accepted as it is. There is always a little bit of friction internally with the mind saying ‘this cannot be’, but of course this is normal. There is this friction because the soul lives a completely different experience and the part of the personality that changes is always happy that there are differences, but the physical part says ‘I want to participate in this too’ and knows (the intelligence of the physical form) that the way this configuration of the physical form is presented will not last. Hidden Layer of Personality that Identifies only with the Body Now because every part of life yearns for eternal life, because it is eternal life, there is that dismay at this idea that the physical level will dissolve. There is not the understanding that a new configuration will appear and that all the aspects of disintegration of the physical form are reabsorbed into life and not ever lost, as energy cannot be destroyed, but it is maintained and takes on different aspects. The part of matter that has taken consciousness is willing and open to transformation, but not completely, there is also some fear and with that there is a covering, a small covering on top of the genuine mind of the matter that is open. There is a layer that is not needed, so there is an aspect of what is called the personality that is hiding from ones self almost, and that layer plays a too strong a part in the locating of your identity with the body. Of course this creates a certain amount of suffering and often people are stuck somewhere in the middle. They enjoy life immensely and sometimes suffer immensely when all is viewed from that particular window, from that particular aspect that is linking to levels that are temporary, because later on for this type of evolution  it is not needed so it dissolves. Transient Part sees Itself as Supreme and that is the Great Rebellion Eventually when the human body and the mind of the physical matter evolve that intermediate level will not be needed and so there will be a full evolution of the physical being. You have a mediator that truly feels the physicality evolving and that mediator has almost become the dominant or the owner of the whole domain rather than remaining a good servant and that is where the confusion lies and the pain.  You will find in the books of your teachers various ways of describing this very aspect we have presented to you, which you can call a little impostor, although it is playing a larger part than it is supposed to play in that sense. So when you can identify and slightly isolate this part then the fear will diminish, because it is not the true story of the evolution of human beings to be so identified in your consciousness with that intermediate transient part.  This transient part sees itself as supreme in the understanding of what everything is and does not wish to change and accept the law of transformation, that is the great rebellion. Why does it become a rebellion? It is like those fallen angels, they cannot see the light and light is consciousness, so it is all about consciousness at countless different levels.

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