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Can Illness be Related to Past Lives?

March 23, 2012

Questioner: “I have a pain in my hip that is causing me a lot of discomfort. I have had lots of different treatments but nothing really helps”.

Munjiji: There are often in physical bodies impacts that are coming from ancient times. This is one case in which it is reactivated in the physical form through difficult life circumstances in the present life. This is because there is an auric imprint, there is an imprint of a previous life impact. Now the imprint is a nervous response  and affects the nervous system. It will be affected not because you move in one way or another but because of what has taken place in a previous incarnation.

Soul Understanding

So the origin is beyond this physical form, its something left over. You can approach that by attempting to go internally and to view the point of origin at which this impact took place. Then see if that can be relinquished through doing a kind of karmic journey back via the symptom and via the feeling in the area. Sometimes this produces a result but is not always. Now this could be because something still needs to be experienced because the element of pain is often translated as an element of awakening, so it will be a disservice to remove without that new understanding. It is there as a companion for awakening and restructuring, changing something that will cease once this incarnation is finished. So it is a change of wavelength that is taking place through a painful stance.  So it’s not always that when you have a pain it is so called the retribution  from a karmic point. Instead it is sometimes something that is bringing you awareness for as you’ve been slowed down, as you’ve been limited.

Explore the Symptom

We do understand that it’s very unpleasant to carry the pain that is constant and that keeps you alert and aware in this unpleasant manner The only other things you could attempt is what we have suggested that you could be brought to the kind of regression where you can tap into that and explore it going into that very symptom more individually. There are people that can help you with that and to create a space for understanding and for learning to live with it.  So that is far as we can assist you for tonight?

Questioner: Yes, it’s a really inspiring answer, thank you very much.

And it can be addressed so you can talk to the medium later. You all have to consider that you are quite a vast being, all of you. So you will have different impacts in your body that cannot be registered to this present time, this current existence. Once you look at it that way then there is a lot more potential to unravel the problem and also some understanding of difficulties that have not the solution here at the physical level. So this is a deep work. Finally there is always grace that can come and assist you.

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