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Healing and Karma

March 25, 2012
Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional

Question: Can a healer help to remove karmic influences and can they all be removed?

Munjiji: You see, its not easy, as soon as you are in physical form you are acquiring karma by the sheer aspect that you are in what is called the karmic wheel of existence. At the same time you don’t have to look at it as a terrible burden that could never to cleared, it’s a question of how you look at it. So by placing yourself more and more at a level where you can perceive more of who you truly are the karmic experiences in your life both positive and negative  becomes irrelevant to the person that you have become now, you no longer identify with them.

It’s a Matter of Nothing is Left instead of Fighting It

It is as if you are deciding ‘I will stop eating chocolate and this will remove my desire for chocolate’ but the desire will still be there, instead a different approach is called for. With the right spiritual practices and determination over quite a long period eventually you will be able to say: ‘I am so immersed in my divinity that chocolate has transformed into the countless elements that are represented in the cosmic presence and that name does not bear any substance.” So nothing is left, it’s not a matter of fighting it, or resisting because there is still that dichotomy that duality will arise; to eliminate everything, you have to rise above duality, while you are in duality there will always be something. You see there is good and not so good karma so the human being has chosen the play of the karmic things. The Buddha saw it that way and could rise above the suffering, but it’s the suffering that the human being identifies with, isn’t it? There is an element of pain but there are so many ways of gradually abandoning the difficulty so that you are looking in a different direction. Eventually that the old way of looking is no longer congruent with your new awareness. So then that chemistry does not really form itself into what is called chocolate, because you are looking through the molecules and you’re seeing something else so that desire does not even begin to arise, that is when it’s finished.

Not Even the Highest Teacher can Do It for You

The more you are truly immersed in the Divine then you are free, but you cannot fake it. It’s very interesting, when you fake it you fall, even the highest teacher, because that is the law. As a healer you can assist in the removal of obstacles, for example, there is a very common obstacle for people that have been priests and nuns for many incarnations and so whose vows of poverty, renunciation, chastity and silence keep them on the sideline of life in this lifetime unable to claim their need to have a fulfilled life in other ways. So in that sense when you are beginning to break those beliefs and let them become more fluid and remind them that they can inject new contact in themselves again and again, then of course you are liberating them but they need to play their part. Nothing can be done by somebody else, not even the highest teacher can do it for you, you have to walk through the door. You can make it so much easier with the healing, so much easier that the person can just walk through that door and say, yes, I’m entitled to really see that I can have more than I ever denied to myself.

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