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Time and Disappointment

March 25, 2012

How aware are you my dear friends of the preciousness of what in your dimension you call time? It seems to be an aspect of existence which often has baffled and continues to confuse the human being.

A Sense of Betrayal when Waiting is Endless

It seems to us that a lot of distress is gathered from the human beings intentions regarding the dimension of how to understand or how to live with time. And so we just wish you to reflect, for our next meeting perhaps, about what time means to you and how you are using it.  Of course, tonight as well there are questions that are related to timing of events that were thought to unfold but did not unfold, to essential moments that the individual had been waiting and waiting for. And almost a sense of betrayal sometimes is experienced when that waiting is endless, or it feels like it and it is not met with the result, it is not met with the expression of the vision that was so clearly seen and perceived.

Time has Become a Battleground

It is true that for you my dear friends time has become something like a battleground, a testing of elements that are parts of the nature of the human beings. It seems that, that part of your essence (the soul that perceives and sees and has vision, aspiration, understanding) often feels restricted, compressed, unable to experience directly that vision, that aspiration, that dream to which you are completely entitled to, because it stems naturally from a good intention, from a positive aspiration, from something that will bring goodness to oneself and others. It does not contain disturbing elements as far as you understand and yet somehow, you meet a kind of denial from shall we call it, “father-time”.

Crossroad of Ones Own Essence

So it is a difficulty, it is almost a kind of crucifixion to stand at the crossroad of one’s own essence and one’s own personality, which is waiting for the maturing of events which were glimpsed and hoped for, this crossroad becomes a tension hence the word – intention that is sending a signal, not only my friend, of your own sense of disappointment, delusion, dissatisfaction but also a vibratory element of calling, calling, calling and sending, sending. Still a lot of hope, a lot of goodness, a lot of positive intention and yet my friend, sometimes that energy sent out is received – but will it come back? The response or answer to you is “in time”, not “in your own time” and that is the problem for you. But rest assured that no question goes, no dreams goes, no vision goes unanswered. But sometimes the answer does not necessarily present itself directly to you, but somehow around you.

How Vast are You in Your Being?

Sometimes what you send out  receives a swift answer. But the response went where it needed to go, rather than towards your own personal wish which often had come from a partial view. This is a slightly complex matter and we would like to go back to it in a later conversation. We can say at this point that although there is an answer my friend, which part of you receives the answer? How vast are you in your being and in the understanding of that life response? How much intention and awareness have you  placed upon all the different parts of who you are, so that you truly can perceive? “Did I understand, which I is understanding when the answer came?” Did the I (conscious personality) receive it or did an aspect (which has not yet come into play) receive it? Hence the answer will not manifest in what you now consider a life time, this life time, but will manifest, even though it’s been received now, in subsequent lives, because time is quite a mysterious old friend. So you see we are trying to convey to you the depth of who you are and what you are, do not look too close, it can limit you, to look too deeply at the subject. We don’t want to be too mysterious about all these things  but we wanted to give you a perspective for the time being.

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