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Connecting with Source in Healing

March 26, 2012

Questioner: When I do healing do I link with source? 


Now, we are going to be slightly controversial here, but it’s important to look at the word source. It is indicating and holding as a specific point of awareness and injecting energy to bringing all the transformation that you wish to bring. That can be correct, source is good enough, you are going to a place of source, for those elements. However if the word source is used as the highest, the highest spiritual quintessence of existence, then that is not correct, using that word will not be appropriate. Why? Well in order to enter that quintessence you need to drop any perception, any activity because you are bypassing all the formula that you are identifying with almost what it is to be a human being and you are standing on the threshold between what could be complete madness and complete realisation.

In Healing Source is the Highest You can be.

So that is not what really is meant when people usually use the word source. It is as if you are going into the most remote galaxy of the universe and you still are in physical manifestation and everything that still has a tangible tiny element of presence that has a physicality then even if it is so vague but still quintessentially exists then you are not in touch with that source. That is the essence of the matter and that is a mystery while you are using some of those physical aspects of your self, so that’s not where you are going. So in healing source is referred to as the highest as you can be, you understand.

You need to Understand by Your Experience How High You can go.

When White Cloud opens these meetings we have with you and says go as high as you can be, it is similar as saying go to source. You see each one of you will recognise at source something, so you will go as high as you can be and maybe another time you are going further higher.  Now the reason why we are saying we’re going to be a bit controversial is because the word source is quite neutral. People think “oh I only go to source because that is the safe way”. Well actually I only go to source means you are going to your source, you are going to the plane of consciousness that you can reach. You need in fact by your experience to understand what is the highest wavelength you can go to, you understand, so these are words that sometimes are confused but as with all the very fashionable words, it’s neutral.

The Higher You go the More You can Bring Down

If you look exactly how its taking place, it is a plane of consciousness, so there is no way to qualify who is going to the highest. It is really depending on your own sense, you may be drawn to a kind of healing because that is the wavelength you can reach, you are familiar with that and then you say oh I know this, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t something beyond. So these are words that are defining a wavelength, which for the person that has created the system of healing is the highest they have perceived.  It is where they are at, but maybe in three years time they may be at another level of source, so it is relative to say you are going as high as you can be.  Sometimes of course at the healing level, some students may not go to the wavelength as that of the teachers and the general band of that particular healing system. Instead they may go higher, push further because there will be more descent of energy, the more you’re higher, we have to use those words, they really don’t make any sense fully to us but we have to put it for you, so the higher you go the more you’re able to bring down something. But then you have to be able to recognise, to endure the vibrational wavelengths of bringing down energies on to the planet that are needed, so does that perhaps answer slightly what is that word source that is used?  That nobody goes to the same place really.

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