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Mother Earth

June 4, 2012

Miwok Indians Lived in One Area in California for 8000 Years


You are Essence Travelling through Time and Space

We are  grateful to you that you still consider to come together, to make this effort, to pay attention to our words; to words that come from presence, from dimensions of presence and stillness, and that you trust that this has some value for you.  Through  humble friends like you that somewhere wish to listen and attune, you truly (by the sheer intention to come together and listen) you are perceiving more and more.You are attuning more and more and you are assisting the overall development of the human family with your own unique journey and we are interested in you as unique individuals as the essence travelling through time and space.

The Evolution of the Human Family is not so Certain

We are also profoundly interested in the evolution of the whole human family because it is not so certain, sometimes it is an evolution sometimes its an involution isn’t it? And you see it in yourself – sometimes you feel you are moving forward and sometimes you feel nothing seems to adapt would you say, nothing seems to come, everything’s  going backwards it seems, and so it seems with the movement of the human family. Sometimes you also are simply reflecting the ebb and flow of this movement of evolution that is very gradual and is sometimes rather recessive, rather than progressive of what the family is about – the human evolution. And of course the other aspect is that you are walking on the gentle Mother Earth and Mother Earth herself,  has an evolutionary plan that goes on whether the human family is evolving or not. So this is a co-operation, a kind of co-operation where the human beings are now realising that perhaps they should begin to co-operate and that the silent Mother Earth has a lot to teach and that perhaps they should learn all the languages in which she expresses herself. The language of the inhabitants that are not just of the human family realm or the other realms but also mother herself has a power, the earth herself has a soul, has an essence, and it is in your time of silence that you can absorb some of her more subtle vibrational powers and you can really serve her and she will serve you back, countlessly, bountifully and with real purpose.

Mother Earth is so Kind to sustain You 

So remember when you are quiet – remember also not just those ones above you (so-called) around you in your auric presence or in other spheres of subtle level but remember under your feet my friend is gentle mother laying herself down for you, for your own development. So remember her because she needs to be really acknowledged in your own hearts, then she comes alive then she can give you also the power of the earth which is so special, so unique, can assist you for healing, can assist you for self expression, Mother Earth is especially creative and can assist you for many, many things. So think of her as a beautiful being that is so kind to sustain you all on this level So this is what we wanted to say, just to make a little bit of inclusion of this aspect because often you are looking at it in a metaphoric sense of course but you need also to look under your feet, where the gentle mother lies  for you ready.

Nature has Her Own Mind but It is not One unit

Mother Earth is serving you in perfect silence and she has her devas, her protectors and they can get displeased at times. They can do different things and the human beings then are surprised -the weather is not what it was, things are changing, nature seems to have her own mind. Yes nature has her own mind. The powers that are in charge of the protection of the mother can become very displeased by the responses that are being triggered by various decisions by humans and so they need acknowledgement, recognition. Do not forget the power of the elements. They are your close friend if you approach them with a level of respect. Of course there are other elements in your being, the human beings are rather interesting complex beings and within it there are living presences, not always identifying with the human nature. Yes you are also like a vast world and in your self there are certain inhabitants (if we can call them that way), the inhabitants of your being also need to be recognised, there will be inhabitants in your emotional being, there will be inhabitants in your mental being, there will be inhabitants in your intellectual being and so in your physical being.

Your Internal Being is also Made of Subtle Presences

So there are always presences in small degrees although we cannot call them that exactly, but they are life forces like you recognise at the physical level for example, bacteria or cells or virus elements and they also have an intelligence and you can act on those intelligences. How much you can act depends again by what you have accomplished as a totality of being as a soul because they’re very responsive to truthful ways. It means that if you say in one way and you persevere in that way, when you just think that way, it will manifest. If you say things but then you are thinking them differently, there will not be power or manifestation so that the power of thoughts, concentration, contemplation and focus of attention is very much responsible for how you can interact with a number of host life that you have in your disposal in your own world, your internal being which is not only made of subtle presences but its made also of physical aspect that goes to the subatomic level of course.

So we want to give you the sense of who you are, from this perspective tonight so that you can use it creatively. It is just a reminder for you to know that creatively you can do more than has been said. You can project and push the boundaries a lot more than what you’ve been told, but you can try and experiment and that’s where its our joy to listen to hear from you, your experiments, your successes, your failures, what did work, what didn’t work – that would be an interesting thing. Yes?

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