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The Difficulty of Living in Space and Time

December 29, 2012


Munjiji: Good evening dear friends,

Group: Good evening Munjiji.

Munjiji: Although we use the word evening it is inviting you to go beyond that sense of time.We do understand the great pressure that you often feel regarding accomplishing what you have planned during your day, what you have planned for weeks, for years and for your lifetime. You are functioning mostly, but not completely, in the time space condition presented by the planet Earth. You often find yourself in search of freedom from this limitation that you feel in the depth of your being as a restriction of the full expression of your true nature.

Expand into Your Totality

It is as if out of your own kindness, out of your own understanding, out of your own, shall we say compassion, that from the highest in yourself, you embrace the part of your personality that is engaged in the difficulty that living in time and space presents. Now as you are attuning and holding the sense of connection with what you may call the higher self, the soul, whatever you call it it does not matter, but what matters is to expand into your totality even while you are experiencing limitation, difficulties, anxieties, physical ailments of all kinds which are a part of the experience of time and space. As human beings you are here to acquire further understanding and the space time environment you live in provides the right circumstances for this, although it’s up to you how you respond to it.

Your Own Beautiful Essence – the Potential of what can be Accomplished

In the moment when you say ‘I do not see a solution here, I do not understand the reason for this taking place, I do not understand this physical condition, why its not receding, I do my best and yet nothing is happening, I put so much hard work for something but instead things are going backwards rather than forward’, all manners of stagnation, disappointment and misrepresentation of how you truly feel isn’t it. However if you look deeply you’re holding also a beautiful image within the aspect of the personality and what is continuously reflected is your own light, your own beautiful essence. So that although the personality finds its own difficulties and limitations, the aspect of your totality, your inner light, outer light, its continuously reflecting like the moon upon water, continuously reflecting the potential of what can be accomplished.

Unique Connection with the Highest in Yourself

And then comes the question can this illumining be accomplished for the personality aspect, for the lower mind, for the emotional body because there are so many layers to the human being. If you are holding onto that special link that you are uniquely born with that unique connection with the highest in yourself your inner light, your soul which is also your outer light, your life force, your life energy, you will be reflecting something of such tremendous value for beauty, understanding, compassion and likewise lightness, joy, that somehow the great difficulties that you are facing will be illumined by your own light.

Your Vastness is as Close as Your Breath

When we are coming together like this evening, we are simply together reminding you and you are reminding one another of your own vastness, of your own potential. So the vastness that you are is continuously infusing and it is as close as your breath, and it is such a part of your life existence that you could very easily miss it, because it has a subtlety to it and yet it is present; it is not absent in any individual.

Despite Appearances You Are a Being Beyond Time & Space

Keep in mind always and in your heart and from your heart be understanding that despite appearances, appearances means despite being in time and space, you are a being beyond time and space. That being which is beyond time and space is infusing  your personality and your consciousness so that you evolve. The infusion of your light is freeing you from the conditioning of suffering but also freeing the whole physical concrete matter which finds expression through your physical form, the matter that belongs to the planet Earth. Remember your thoughts affect both the physical and mental aspects of space time existence.

Physical Form Borrowed from Mother Earth and the Planetary System

When you are leaving the physical form, you realise that it was borrowed, borrowed from Mother Earth and from the planetary system, what you call the solar system. Indeed your bodies are made from stars and comets and so many countless bodies of the celestial bodies of the skies. So as you are relinquishing the physical and the physical goes back to the earth, that physical will not remain indifferent, it has a consciousness, it has a life  and it will not remain indifferent to your work, the work of the higher mind, the work of even the lower mind and the work of the emotional body.

The Way You Lived Your Life Affects the Planet

The way you have lived your life will be energetically imprinted on your now discarded physical body, all this remains imprinted in the ether and remains imprinted in the atmospheres that surround the planet. So the way you lived your life affects the planet. Also it remains imprinted in the consciousness that you carry, that recedes out of the body once you leave the body and is retained by the inner vehicle that is continuing the transformation of life existence at a level where you will be stationed once you leave the physical.

The Communion of Your soul with this Endless Potency called Life

When you reincarnate you will immediately, like a magnet, attract the essence of what those past lives and experiences have been. So in this current life, which is the product of all your previous lives, if you can look at the depth of your being, looking at the richness of your being and as you are looking at the vastness of your being, and you embody more the true understanding of our words, then that physical form, that emotional struggle, that quintessential, unresolvable aspect of your life is put into its true perspective; a perspective of your own making.

So it’s in your hands, and the hands of the life force itself, this communion of your soul with the endless potency called life. You are dancing again and again until you become that life, that exists everlasting, all fulfilling, all illumining, all pervading, so beautiful, so perfect and so rich. You are here because you have decided to evolve and you have to decide to evolve not only for the sake of your personality, but also the overall luminosity of all beings.

Don’t Look for Perfection instead Just enough Balance

You have a commitment to the human family and you have a commitment to all the beings, so that whatever is your level of understanding in evolution as a being, you are constantly radiating signals which are bringing responses continuously. So you see you need to remind yourself of that perspective, to break free from the cage of misunderstanding.  Your physical form is not that limited, it has profound intelligence and it is continuously receptive to the impulses from all the multi levels of your being. If things are not turning out as you personally wish for: perfect health, perfect emotional condition, perfect relating, perfect intellectual capacity, and creativity remember as we have said before : on this planet it is good to have just enough balance not perfection.

Every Corner of Your Existence is Full of Potential

It is not a matter of perfection, because if  you are identifying with that then it becomes very static and you are not here for anything static. One thing you are here for is continuous evolution, even beyond the level that you can imagine. Every corner of your existence is full of potential and every corner of the existence of the beings in this planet is full of potential. Do not to judge yourself upon what is manifesting in your physical form, not to judge yourself or others for what is manifesting on the mental or emotional form, because it is not always in one life that some of those conditions can be overcome, conquered, mastered and all the big questions resolved.

Life is the Great Teacher

You have to endure the unknown, you have to be able if you want to open the door to your vastness to endure what is still a mystery to you. In time all is revealed, not like an opening of doors but it will be simply totally irrelevant what seems to be a major problem to you now. Although we are never dismissing any difficult condition that you are encountering we are also pointing to the perspective that holds the nearest sense of truth to who you really are. Although you can have the best health, the nicest home and the wonderful relationships the nature of life is as the great teacher, it is to challenge you and move you forward.

The part of your being that has infinite knowing pushes the boundaries. The greatest challenge is to maintain that inner compass that is your true, your own inner light, your true light is your inner light. So rest assured that whatever is your struggle you are not alone, you are not ignored, somewhere someone is always listening, could be angelic beings, friends of family in spirit, assistants like us from the invisible, helpers of all kind, close friends that just suddenly contact you in a moment of need. Remember you are the human family and you are continuously sending signals, continuously attracting and continuously also rejecting and repelling, so think about that. It could be quite another long conversation about that, so we’ll stop here.

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