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Jesus and Power

December 29, 2012

  The Prophet that came from the Christian Tradition He made Himself completely powerless in order to sacrifice, eliminate the lower aspect of His being. He showed transformative ways through love and compassion, all inclusiveness and forgiveness, so that the body became just the transparent vessel for that relation to the Highest.

Often the great masters and prophets that took physical form made sacrifices even though they had great powers they did not use them. They made the highest renunciation. The greater the teacher the higher the power, the higher the power the bigger the battle, the bigger the battle the greater the potential for love, the greater the apparent fall in the face of the principle of power but true masters find love in all. It is a very difficult path isn’t it, because all of the values of the personality are topsy turvy they turn completely around, completely. So unless you look at it from that way its completely insane from your mind’s point of view.


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The life of this particular master called Jesus and the crucifixion, it was about love and also renouncing power in the face of complete powerlessness. Love was shown, but its all subtle isn’t it, its so important and it’s been distorted, presented in a certain way but it has a deep truth that is part of the evolution of the human being and that’s why that Master is so important. He was showing how the opposite of power is truly love, and how to put it into practice and how to put it into concrete manner in your life, not through the physical sacrifice, but through all the symbols that He carried and stood for giving you the indication of how to take the path.

Dance of Power and Powerlessness a Challenge

It is here as a human being as soon as you are born, that in a sense you are extremely powerless, totally depending on your parents, and very powerful at the same time with the power of accomplishing your presence on this planet and gradually depending less on your parents as you grow up. You are more and more powerful so this dance of power and powerlessness is the most inebriating thing isn’t it, and the biggest challenge, “may things go my way and not the way of  anybody else’s please, or if it accords with everybody else even better because everybody is happy.” This is difficult because everybody wants slightly different things at the level of the personality. They all want happiness but  at this level you all want different things, different expression of that one reality and you are all free and entitled to those different colourings and that is where the difficulty and the battle ground always will be.

Not about being Powerless but being Potent but not in an Ambitious Way

This shows you that there is a battle from the word go. It shows you the transformation of that stupendous principle of power through love so that it is purified, then the power is in safe hands. It is never in safe hands until its fully accomplished in love and in embracing compassion, understanding and forgiveness and that is very rare indeed. So you have to work at it, a little bit this way, a little bit that way from both sides, at times you must feel powerful it is important. It is not about feeling powerless its about inhabiting the potency of your being accordingly and not pestering yourself about it and feeling that you have to occupy the level of potency in an ambitious manner. That is the other side of the tale, the fall of the Luciferic light, the fall of the great light of great understanding into lower mind. You have that power, otherwise the fall would not have taken place, of course this is an example from the angelic realm which is not the human realm, but it tells the story of incarnation. You too are very concrete with this light. With this light there is a tremendous power for fulfilment of the capacity to love, you all have it in great sparks, in great spasms shall we say, but the continuity of what you call universal love, compassion & love, is not present in your lives continuously hence the balancing that the human evolution and the planet require has not taken place yet.

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