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New Year’s Eve Keynote for 2013

January 3, 2013

What a pleasure it is to be here again in the warmth of each other’s heart. Have you noticed the power of your heart? Possibly you have not noticed as you’ve been busy with your year end activities. Nevertheless you may have noticed the heart gently whispering to you words of encouragement to bring you back to remembrance of eternal joy.


In the Depth of Your Winter You are Looking for Spring in your Heart

From the invisible realm we notice at times of important festivities there is a great openness of hearts but at the same time there is a great friction between the individual minds particularly with people who are close to you, both family and colleagues. We also noticed there is a tension and anxiety regarding the year to come. Yet in the depth of your winter you are looking for the spring in your heart. Truly there is a quality within you that can observe if not understand all the issues that the mind is struggling with.

Never a Smooth Ride through your Mind

To observe your mind imagine you are observing a friend. You can receive the input from other minds in exactly the same way regarding them as close friends or distant friends. But you regard their intervention as something which does not alter any fundamental aspects of who you are. Remember minds always work with a certain dynamism which sometimes is in attunement with you and other times it causes friction. Friction sometimes can reveal something positive so the bad news my friends is that it is never a smooth ride through your mind. Sometimes things in your life become obsolete and often the only way to bring it to your attention is through friction. However if you view this through the goodness of your hearts you will be able to evolve further.

Entangle Your Mind with Other Minds and You Lose Your Freedom

What we are indicating here is a certain amount of distance in viewing all the things in life that impact you. By having this distance you can decide how you want to handle things rather than merely reacting. As you cultivate this distance from your own mind and cultivate more the foundation of the essence of who you are those other minds are receding and less dominant in their effect on you. From this there is more inclusion of the being who is presenting this type of mind.

So attention to that little detail of yourself and that little distance from your mind will enable you be sufficiently distant from other minds so as not to impinge on your freedom. It is vital that you create in yourself a space for you to exist and a space for all other beings to exist even if they are in total contradiction. Sometimes you can compromise and other times you have to simply leave the space. Otherwise if you entangle your mind with other minds you have less freedom to operate.

2013 Freedom will be an Important Issue

2013 is a year which will require this freedom of mind. It is a time when you are liberating your mind under the potent impulses of your essence, your inner light. Please take home with you tonight this concept and reflect on it and develop it in your own way.

Remember you did not take incarnation to become a slave neither to yourself or to others. Remember to give to others the freedom for their own expression. Often this is a very complex issue because when minds are potent they often do not recognise the subtlety of the essence of being neither in themselves or the people they are interacting with. They are so identified with the foreground of their mind, with the daily uses of it, that they forget who they really are. Who you really are is given to you in those glimpses of aloneness and union with all there is.

So when you feel limited by life be it work, relationships or the environment you then have to look to the hypnotic potency in the mind that can hold you and you overcome this by moving to your heart to your essence.

The reason we are saying so much about this is because as you come into this New Year freedom is going to be such an important issue.

The Quality of Fire from 2012 will Continue

Of course it is a year like any other year that will present its own unique difficulties. But it is inviting you to be at ease with yourself because the quality of fire which marks the previous year will continue. It is still a period of great burning of dross and what is unnecessary. Now because of the tightening of some minds to protect value systems that are no longer relevant there is this swinging movement to hold onto old truths and you are surprised that people can still even consider them but this is the seesaw as you are working towards more freedom.

Some Populations will Experience more Limitations

Although we keep using this word freedom unfortunately some populations will experience even more limitations. Freedom is a very high test of evolutionary capacity and it begins with you. It begins with understanding how you can really work with inclusiveness, freedom begins with the widening of your own horizon of how you can include your own brothers and sisters who are working with a more restrictive view because of fear. This existence is a battleground between the forces of fear and those of expression and freedom and you came here to liberate more of that energy of freedom. Your purpose here is to help the liberation of the physical universe because although you took physicality to live in this existence you came with the essence which comprises divine energy/light and it is your purpose to help with the divination of matter. Great teachers like Sri Aurobindo have said this before. How this liberation takes place is up to each one of you and although there is a collective sense it is also an individual sense. It is part of your job to aspire and to witness the evolution of the earth but you may also have to witness the withdrawal. This is a long mission it will not be completed in one lifetime it will not be completed in 20 lifetimes.

You have to remember to have a sense of proportion about the year to come as it is really talking about a spec of dust in the whole fabric of creation and what is vital is that you understand your purpose for being here in its totality.

2013 Keep Including, Keep Expanding

So for this year we want you to reflect on that polarity that is called freedom in relation to what is inhibiting, restricting and closing in. And as you are reflecting on that you will also be reflecting on all the people on this planet who are experiencing limitation, who are oppressed and not experiencing being fully recognised and accepted as a human being entitled to share and to love and not to feel under threat every day for their physical life. Life is an exciting journey so our wish to you for the coming year is to keep including to keep expanding.

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