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Communication Breakdown

June 22, 2013

UnknownQ: I have had a big disagreement with a close friend. Communication has now broken down. Is there anything I can do about this? I am very upset.


Where you have a close relationship with somebody and then that deteriorates it’s usually a karmic relationship. When the emotions are running rather high this does disturb you internally and now has to be a period of readjusting. What you can do in the meantime is to send a mental level of communication and this is really the only thing you can do when there has been such a dissonance that communication is impossible.

You can imagine your friend seated opposite you and to have a very natural conversation by sending your good thoughts and goodwill to convey to her higher mind and her lower mind whatever it is you wish to convey which at this present moment cannot be expressed or communicated. If you do this then some doors may be opened if they are meant to be opened. In the meantime as you are adjusting to these emotional changes the distance may actually produce some clarity in you and she can look at things differently too. What you are doing is preparing the ground for further communication with her by communicating directly with her higher self.

We suggest you practice this in the evening, not long before you go to bed, when you are quiet, not in a hurry and when you truly have something in your heart; that you still have things that you want to say. When you are visualising your friend sitting opposite you as well as seeing her as she actually is also see her as a bright light. Talk to her about the things were you feel you have not been understood because if there has been an argument it means misunderstanding. The level of experiencing one another has gone astray, you are experiencing one another’s differences rather than your similarities and commonalities. So in this practice talk to her for a few minutes or for the time that you need to say all the things that you need to say and after that you can go to bed and let it go because you have offered that communication to her higher self.

The higher self is very clever and that’s why it’s called the higher self, it is there to oversee the way you work with your personality, the way your mind operates and the way your emotional being operates. You can call this being that overseas you your soul or the essence of yourself it does not really matter but it is the part that overseas your operative being. Your higher self is assisting you to tune into her higher self so that if there is a door open, if there is a response if there is a possibility to move on from this stagnant place then something will happen. After you’ve done this exercise several times you will probably have the knowing as to whether or not you can approach her. Of course you may have the sense that this has really finished and you need to leave it. There will be an knowing an internal knowing.

Remember dear friends thoughts are very powerful and the positive thoughts you send to one another always make a difference even if you never witness the outcome.

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