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March 18, 2016



Financial Institutions on the Horizon

Q: I am having some financial problems, how can I deal with my bank?

Munjiji: The banks are not the friends of the human beings, are they? They are an entity of their own mind. You have to appeal to the sensibilities of the human beings that work there, if they are not too identified with the entity that is called the bank.

When groupings of powerful minds congregate motivated by ideology, money, power, status or similar stimulants of the lower mind they create potent entities out of their thought forms. These entities almost have their own mind with its own existence. Do not underestimate them.

It’s not just banks, it can be governments, political parties, corporations and many many groups. This is not to say they are necessarily bad, but you need to know what you are dealing with. Are these groups with a benevolent motivation, are they there to serve the human family, or is their horizon shall we say, a little bit narrower?

As we have just said there are people in banks and other organisations who have a wider horizon, their inner light is not completely obscured and so will resonate with your light. Keep polishing your light to attract more light to you, no matter what the situation. If you approach these organisations with negativity you will connect with the very opposite of what you intend. It’s up to you.

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