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A Changing World

June 23, 2016



With the presidential primaries that are going on, we seem to have a lot more chaos than usual.

Things that used to be hidden, are now being unveiled to the public. There seems to be an unravelling of the structure of power. Is there a larger universal purpose to it?


In the evolution of a number of countries, especially ones that have been gifted with financial resources, and flourishing economies, compared to others, the time has come to reveal more clearly the deepest level of contradictions that exist, where the human family is not sharing. This lack of sharing is happening both within countries and between countries.

Of course, a number of you have understood that there has to be more clarity, more honesty, more capacity to share – that nothing is truly yours. But many of you have not yet understood that, you still have a personal feeling of possessing. You possess intelligence, you possess a natural feeling of love, you possess so many qualities. But there are so many things that you have made yours, though they really belong to Mother Earth. They do not belong to anyone in particular, and they should be shared.

Over a long time there has been the harnessing of all kinds of possibilities, that Mother Earth offers you, but these have not been truly shared, a greedy opportunism is often the quality more in evidence. However like a balancing aspect to this greed, suddenly there is the other side of the coin. It’s like the maturing of an infection. Something is festering underneath, yet everybody is walking around very contented with their little world. Well, you have to expand your view. Your world has to become wider, bigger, more inclusive, even of the things that you may not like so much, but you have to include them, in order to understand. When you understand, then you can really make clear choices based on true wisdom.

And so, what has happened quite naturally, is an evolutionary aspect, it is an opportunity. There are souls that have a real understanding of what is needed. They have called for more justice, more openness, more clarity. This is taking place, but what it does – it creates a polarisation that is revealing where the infection is, where the puss is forming.

Of course, when there is a formation of something that is poisonous, there is always a resistance when it comes out, and there are all kinds of responses from the body, like fever. So if the body of the human family is full of infections, then fevers arise in order to shake it all up. This means, that people easily get angry, irate, greedy, and full of self-righteousness.

Just looking at your own body, you can see how to reduce the fever. You make healthy choices that support the body. In the same way you can work with the body of the human family, trying to see a few steps ahead, so you don’t get mesmerised by the polarisation that makes some people despair and doubt that any goodness is available.

Now, this chaos has its purpose. It has the self revealing confusion, that is the only way, that leads to clarity, to truth, and to better ways. But will you be able to choose those ways? Well, it depends on you, dear friends. We can help you, but you are in a planet of choices, and you are here to choose.

So how can you help those who are infected with poison within the body of the human family? Well, you can work from your being, from within your soul. And then, if you’re committed to any cause, for what you call justice, that you feel is relevant, take your part, and spirit will be with you, whatever you feel is your part to play.

But this chaos has its own function. It is not endless, it has to come into a new phase, into a new positioning. So it is all in your hands, you know that there is a time for high fever, and there is a time for ways to bring it down. There are ways, yes, you can do it.

There is high fever and tremendous temperatures in the world. But the human family is moving, because there is some clear realisation, and also some erroneous understanding, and they are all out there in the melting pot for the evolution of the human family. Will you be working for the evolution or for a regressive state? That is your choice, and we are here to assist you, to use your light as much as you can.

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