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Disillusionment with Politics

July 2, 2016


Q: I am disillusioned with politics and particularly the lack of progress on important issues like climate change, inequality and poverty. We always seem to have the wrong government.

M: You all live in a collective, which means you suffer collective karma together. Situations that suddenly seem to arise today actually began as long as twenty, thirty, forty years ago, but now are manifesting and taking people and governments by surprise. You may have nothing to do with the circumstances of forty years ago, you may not have been born, and that’s true of governments too.

Do not despair, because if you do you are simply reinforcing the negativity that nourishes only fear, distrust, sadness and sense of defeat. That is never required no matter what the conditions. It is important to maintain balance. So at a time of the dimming of the light you hold your torch, this is very important, that’s all you do, but one light can bring light to many more.

Q: I’m not a political person, but I have been sending all the powerful people horrible energy for what they’re doing. But then I think that’s not good for me or them.

M: Sending negative thoughts adds more fear, so sending negative thoughts to people who are making decisions, that in their own mind are right, puts them into a confused state. Instead send light with the wish that they be illumined, may they act for the benefit for all the planetary beings, may they act for the benefit of the human family. Send this light to them and some may become less blind, less bound by all the various conventions, laws, possibilities, debates, and regulations with which they tie themselves in knots.

Actually some of them would like to be a little bit freer, but they cannot be because of all the things they have not done before, or they are afraid to do tomorrow. Their position is also not so easy, entanglement is quite dense, it’s not that anyone is feeling very happy about the situation, that would be foolish.

Some people in top places see what is happening but they are paralysed by a number of elements. That is an even more frightening predicament because they will feel responsible for not having taken action. So they need help, there are two levels – you are functioning physically but you are also potent from your spiritual and energetic level and that’s where we collaborate with you strongly.

Do what you can and if the negativity in the world overwhelms you then send light to yourself first, and from that point of energy send light into the places that are most reluctant to change. So you can even think of certain government positions and send that light and ask that minds be illumined and turn things around.

Q: Is that really possible?

M: Yes, look at how all those minds are lost in those little machines you are using, so it’s possible that all those minds can turn around and make something better, unifying consciousness. When you send your light and prayers, what happens is it links with other people doing the same and then it becomes a chain of light. When there is a chain of light around a ring of darkness, somehow there is a kind of interaction, and potential arises for true transformation.

You live in a time of great opportunity for evolution, but it comes with pain, because of past mistakes and the neglect of certain areas of life. Voices of despair can be turned into voices of hope, or will they turn into a single scream, and nothing changes. That is the challenge for all the human family right around the world.


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