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Embrace of the Divine

September 17, 2016

It’s good to get rid of internal attitudes that have become obsolete. One common attitude is lack.

Many of you have the feeling that you’re lacking something. We pick up from your thoughts that this can be about friends, money, relationship and so on. But this is a way that your mind tricks you. Now you may say the particular lack you are focused on is real and important to you. We agree in a limited sense it is, but this is the point, it is a limitation. As long as your mind is functioning it will always be aware of something it lacks with greater or lesser urgency. Do you want to be locked in an eternity of lack? You are free to chose. Now isn’t that empowering.

The universe is full of help if it can be heard, and it is calling you to think differently about what your mind tells you is missing in your life. Instead the universe is asking you to stay with a full notion of bountifulness. If you see around you bountifulness then more of that will come in terms of graciousness of life.

With your willpower you can attract the things you want, but you need to attract the grace in order to appreciate them. If your mind is quite impure then it will not have the purity which is called appreciation. And that is the cause of suffering for human beings.

Appreciation carries in it a hint of grace. So when there is no gratefulness, then grace takes a step backwards, and that is an automatic law, it is not a punishment from some external god. It’s just a separation that the individuals create.

Gratefulness is linked to bountifulness. It’s like an antidote, so if you feel you are lacking something just look at the trick that your mind is playing on you, because you are blessed indeed. So it’s an impurity in the mind which creates obscuration, and this is nothing to do with morality.

Your minds are full of obscurations that hide the transparency of soul, and prevents the identification with an energy that is full of light.

When the mental level is not pure it runs its own unique tendencies, so some degree of renunciation is required. This is what we said at the beginning concerning getting rid of internal attitudes that have become obsolete. This requires the development of spiritual muscles that can turn things around there and then, so that things do not fester and become so repetitive that you have lost your sense of direction, and life feels unfriendly to you.

This is the time of autumn and you have many fruits in your life and not all of them are perfect, but nevertheless you have many you can cherish and love. Once you’re grateful you attract grace, and grace is much bigger and vaster than your will power. It takes awareness and willingness to bring to mind that sense of gratitude, and to persist with it. But as you continue in this new rhythm of being your experience of life will feel bountiful.

Remember grace is the embrace of the divine, or whatever you want to call it. So whenever you see those obscurations of the mind working be swift to use your spiritual muscles, do not indulge the obscuration.


Gratitude Tree

One Comment
  1. Rev. Lisa Johnson permalink

    Thank you for the message from Munjiji ….Grace, even the vibration of the word gives off peace, love healing. It spoke to me to let go of the things that bind me to uncertain results, to opposition and competition … I give thanks that I have this Life – so grateful for those Spiritual friends who have supported me through this last surgery and I have gratitude that I can accept that I had no idea where the future lies …I just know, deep in My Soul that Spirit will guide the path. The Universe has been heard..

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