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June 27, 2017

 The Light from The Heart Chakra of an Angel looks like Wings

There is a kind of buzz with the word angel, but people only have a partial understanding of the subject, causing confusion in themselves and others. People think angels are ‘cosy’, that they will do what you ask them to. This is a misunderstanding, an angel is not going to do what you want, it has a high intelligence and instead knows what you need.

First of all, to really attune to angels you need to understand that they belong to a different line of evolution. In fact under this word ‘angel’ there is a large grouping.

Elementals or Nature Beings

People talk of angels of all kinds, from those that protect them from parking tickets, to goodness knows what else. Normally this type of help is coming from elementals. These are beings of nature, little impish creatures that may or may not help you. Maybe they want to have some fun, and so one day you don’t get a ticket but the next day you get two. They are free to do as they wish, you have no control over them or at least not for long. It’s quite easy to be in touch with them, but they are not from the angelic realm.

Earth Angel

Another confusion is when a person says to you that once you were an angel, but now you are an ‘earth angel’. This is incorrect because, as we said, angels belong to a different line of evolution from the human family and remain so.

Angels or Gods?

The guardian angel from the Christian tradition is thought of as the same as any other level of angelic being, but this is not so.

A guardian angel has a specific task of assisting you in daily matters, and because of this close proximity you also think that other angels are ‘cosy’, and you can convince them to do what you want. But there is another level, the gods, and they are powers, and the angelic beings are in direct connection with them, sometimes they are the powers and are those gods.

With these gods you cannot just bargain with them and change the position of the seats in the cinema because you want a better seat. If you are going to invoke the gods or the angels, which are more or less the same, you may not see the film you wanted to see because you will be blinded by their presence. You need a minute potency to help you for your best seat at the cinema, and yet you are calling a huge potency which is truly what the angelic realm is.

Calling Assistance From Angelic Beings

When you are going through a dark night of the soul then you can call angelic beings to assist. They are always there for your spiritual evolution and they also protect you physically. Angelic beings have an important part to play in human life, but it is from the subtle to the physical that they reflect their energies onto the physical realm. It requires a special attention to know that you are in contact with your guardian angel and not with something else. That is where the risk lies. People think they are always in contact with the same good-natured being, but in fact they are in contact with a great variety of beings without even realising it. They don’t have full insight and so they get a confusing response.

So what we are saying is that you have to make sure that you are tuning in with the right frequency and not linking with elementals who can cause confusion.

Angels don’t know physical life, they understand it. It’s like the journey of the soul back into human existence, before you incarnate you have an overview and commit to all sorts of challenging experiences that you think will be easy. But when you actually land you experience the limitation of a human body. Even from soul level you cannot realise how demanding earth existence is because you are seeing it from a broader consciousness. An angel is similar, it can help you, but your flesh and blood experience is not completely absorbed by the angel.  They can illumine you, they can heal you and they can come very close. Sometimes they can even appear as if in human form, but this is only temporary because they have to return to their wavelength.

Change Your Way of Looking At Life

You on the other hand are like human angels, by coming into physical existence you are potentially spiritualising matter by your own spiritual development. Of course you are bound to meet obstacles because that’s the nature of matter. In order to be spiritualised those obstacles have to be gradually overcome. And these are the tests that come in every human life. So of course from your soul consciousness everyone is so eager to come back and sort out this and that. However when you return to earth plane you realise that you had forgotten all the limitations, people’s minds banging against your mind, not mention a collective little madness here and there. Angels will always try to help, and you make it easier when you take responsibility for your actions, instead of automatically blaming outer circumstances. The only effective change you can make is when you change your way of looking at life. That’s so much bigger than changing cinema seats.

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