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Natural Disasters – Human Influence?

September 7, 2017



Question : I’ve heard or read spiritual teachers from different traditions suggesting that our negative thoughts have some part to play in natural disasters like, hurricanes, drought and earthquakes. Is this really the case, after all these things happened before humans arrived?


Your scientists tell you your solar system came out of a big bang. The planet on which you live was too hot and liquid for billions of years to live on. Even when earlier life forms were on the planet they had to cope with ice ages, and eruptions of volcanoes of a magnitude not experienced in your modern times. You have to look at this as a composite, because your solar system is affected by other systems, and your earth is affected by the solar system of which it is a part. The physical world is dualistic in nature: hot and cold, light and dark, positive and negative. As we have said before living in this world of contrasts can help you to evolve into who you really are, but often this comes through suffering or alleviating suffering.

Cataclysmic events like a hurricane can bring out the best and worst in people, acts of great self sacrifice alongside acts of greed like looting. Human beings are unique in that they have free will as to how they respond to any event in life.

Creation is the dance of a mind behind the creation. In some religious traditions there is the concept of the three aspects of the Divine: the creator, the preserver and the destroyer. This is the cycle of creation, and you live in this cycle of experience. You were born, you are sustained for a time, then you will leave this realm of existence.

Now some parts of your world are in areas of weakness. For example some land may be low lying and at risk from flooding either by rivers or even worse the ocean. Other areas are proximate to fractures in the earth’s crust, or lie in the path of very strong meteorological forces. In other instances humans have ignored the wisdom of their ancestors and started inhabiting places that before were considered inhospitable. For these reasons there is a tendency for the same geographical locations to suffer again and again.

In the case of hurricane there are three factors at work here:

  1. it’s part meteorological, it’s part of the earth activity, but the intensity is regulated by two factors:
  2. how you have disturbed the stratosphere of the planet – contributing to a rise in the earth’s temperature by a tiny but critical amount

3  how you have disturbed the mental sphere of not only one another but the earth too.

Your thoughts are powerful, but you do not relate to that. You just need to look at your news media to see what a negative diet you are feeding your minds. The negativity is infectious, it spreads. It sets up a vibration which creates disturbing ripples. So there is a response to your disharmony, the planet cannot always absorb it without consequences. You may find this hard to understand, but take a simple example: the little gadgets that you talk on rely on invisible energy to function. You cannot see it but you certainly experience its effects as speech or pictures. It can even change your mood.

This does not mean that those people directly affected by the hurricane are negative, they just happen to be where the outcome of the three points we’ve just made makes itself apparent.

The definition you have of yourselves as human family is still limited. How you care for one another has not been properly attended. You are interdependent, you rely on the good will of other communities. At present the tendency is still to compete rather than collaborate. As a starting point if each of you worked on your own internal weather and focused on harmony this would have a huge positive potential for the whole of existence.

You are guests on this planet even though you are made from the same elements. But your human mind is special because it can be either pro life or very self destructive. Potentially you could destroy the planet, at least for human life. You have been given that freedom. It’s in your hands how you affect the balance by the way you care for the planet and also one another.

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